Amazon Leaked Bruce Springsteen’s New Album 2.5 Weeks Ahead of Release…

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Amazon made the MP3 version of Bruce Springsteen’s new album available for purchase two and a half weeks ahead of release date.

High Hopes is scheduled for a January 14th release date, but was briefly available on Amazon mobile on December 28th. The album is now circulating on file-sharing sites.

The retailer has an “Amazon Bonus Limited Edition” CD/ DVD version for pre-order. This version includes bonus tracks and “a live DVD of Bruce and the E Street Band performing the entire “Born In The U.S.A.” album in London, England, during the historic Wrecking Ball World Tour“. Perhaps the relationship between Amazon and Springsteen’s team has soured since this was agreed upon.

There’s been no official word from Amazon or the label regarding the leak. Will the buzz benefit Springsteen, or will the leak eat into sales?

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  1. Anonymous

    “Will the buzz benefit Springsteen”

    Oh yeah, everybody just loves leaks.

    And where is that facepalm smiley when you really need it…

    • Nina Ulloa

      i won’t go on about the artists that leak their own albums

  2. JTVDigital

    This is not a “leak”, just a mistake in release dates.
    This happens all the time, especially in major record labels where too many people are working on the same releases and “do their own thing” without any coordination or control…it can be a human error, or a system-related issue (it happens also quite frequently that the supply chain systems get out of control and send updates or deliveries automatically :-)).

    Jeremie Varengo – CEO
    JTV Digital

  3. zog

    Publicity is publicity anything to sell the album in this world go for it. Bruce’s name may be Americana and a brand to be reckoned with like everyone else he needs to sell records.

  4. GGG

    Pirates, aka younger people, wouldn’t have bought the album anyway and older people don’t pirate, so I don’t see this hurting sales.

    • FarePlay

      GGG a subjective question for you. I consider Springsteen to be a legacy artist; someone whose greatness transcends age limitations. As a younger man, certainly far younger than I, who do you see as the legacy artists of your generation?

      • Anonymous

        There are some huge lyrical geniuses in our generation. Future, Lil Wayne, Nas, and Jay-Z. Oh and let’s not forget 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. either. Oh right, but you wouldn’t know about what good music sounds like.

      • GGG

        My post was not a knock on Springsteen at all, I’m a huge fan. How many people under the age of 40 do you really think bought Magic and/or Wrecking Ball, though?

        As for the question, to varying extents, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Dave Matthews Band, a handful of hip-hop artists, maybe Oasis to a degree, Phish, Justin Timberlake may be getting there (probably needs one or two more better records, though). There’s a bunch of indie bands I could argue, as well, though they will never have a fraction of the popularity Springsteen has.

  5. Anonymous

    Who cares. Springsteen makes boring music for boring people.

    • Anonymous

      Springsteen music has its uses. It’s good music to keep beta males in line.

    • GGG

      He also made a few of the most iconic rock records of all time, so joke’s on you?