The “World’s Largest Record” Is On Top Of The Forum In Inglewood…

The Forum in Inglewood, California now has 407 foot wide vinyl record on top of it, spinning at 17 mph. The venue is calling it the “world’s largest record”.

The record is labeled as The Eagles’ “Hotel California”, but it doesn’t actually contain any music… if it did there would be no way to hear it anyways. This is part of a campaign to highlight The Forum’s re-opening, which The Eagles are playing at.

It is made up of 250,000 square feet of vinyl and weighs about 25 tons. The record will be up through January and can be seen by travelers flying into LAX.

6 Responses

  1. Mr. Screamin Eagle

    That’s how we roll. Inglewood, California.
    The House that Jack built remix 2014.
    Love it they brought the Forum back to its original beauty and to see EAGLES
    Sitting on the top is Perfect for Mr. Screamin Eagle of Inglewood California.
    West Coast baaaby!

  2. hippydog

    I now have this insane need to go there, purchase a really large ladder, climb up, place one hand on the roof, and go Wiki Wiki on it 😉