170K People Are Now Using ‘Auto-Shazam’…

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Remember ‘Auto-Shazam‘?  The feature that identifies every song playing… all the time?  Well, Shazam has revealed some stats about the feature to Music Ally.

Around 170,000 users are using the feature, a substantial number but a small percentage of Shazam’s 80 million active users.

Here’s a surprise: one third of Auto-Shazam discoveries are for television content.  Shazam’s Chief Product Officer, Daniel Danker, said more people are using their phones to Shazam TV content than they expected.  Shazam initially expected TV discovery to happen on tablets, but were unsure about phones.

So what does this mean to songwriters, artists, and labels?  Shazam is now calling auto-tags “exposure” instead “tags”, supposedly not to skew their stats regarding tags for artists. Shazam doesn’t call it a tag unless a user actually interacts with the discovery, which of course preserves conversion and engagement metrics.

Danker said Shazam is “starting to distinguish actions from exposure“… but he didn’t really clarify what that means.

2 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    Nina, There is many more avenues to convert billions of Shazam’s IDs to FREE.
    As it is they are the biggest catalyzer of piracy we have and nothing will change that – UNLESS Shazam and similar services (including lyrics ID) will convert themselves to mandatory music merchants.

    Next morning we can convert 100,000+ internet and terrestrial Radio stations and few millions of websites to MUSIC STORES.

  2. hippydog

    Dear tunehunter,
    wtf? nina throws you a bone.. an article that directly talks about shazam!
    and you only use up two paragraphs??
    I am sooooo disappointed in you right now.. 🙁