Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Money to Save Strata Records Master Tapes…

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There is an indiegogo campaign raising money to save the Strata Records master tapes.

Strata is a recording label from Detroit that was started in the late 1960s by Charles Moore and Kenny Cox.  They ran a performance space that hosted artists such as Charles Mingus and Herbie Hancock, among others.

Other luminaries were also involved.  John Lennon even donated a portable recording studio and a Hammond B3 organ to Strata.  Strata used this equipment to record releases for their short-lived label.

Now, the Strata catalogue is being re-released by 180 Proof Records.  Kenny Cox’s widow Barbara Cox has given the label exclusive rights, though the fate of those masters remains uncertain.  Cox, 75 and living on Social Security, can’t afford to pay $6,700 in real estate taxes, and could end up surrendering her home along with her personal assets.

The campaign needs to raise the $6,700 by January 20th (they are already at $4,994).

Edit: As of 2PM January 10th the project has exceeded its goal, raising over $7,000.

5 Responses

  1. Vnylst

    We pledged and you all should, too.
    Thanks for posting this DMN!

    • Danwriter

      Yeah, they keep harrassing me with all these well-kept roads, working street lights and manned fire houses.

  2. Sam Cohen

    What do estate taxes have to do with the master tapes? This sounds like a load of b.s.

    • Danwriter

      There’s a difference between “estate” taxes and “real estate” taxes. The article referes to the latter, so one infers that Mx. Cox cannot pay her annual property taxes. It’s possible that the masters may be regarded as an asset that creditors want to attach for repayment. Unfortunately, the article above provides no information on how the masters are linked to the woman’s debts, nor does the Indigogo page from which it was apparently sourced.