Google Chrome Update Tells You Which Tabs Are Playing Sound…

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The new Google Chrome update has tab indicators to let you know where sound is coming from. No more scrambling through all your tabs to find the source of mysterious music.

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The tab indicator works for video as well. Google says the indicator will also pop up for webcam and casting. A red dot will appear on tabs that are using the webcam, and a blue screen will show on tabs that are being cast to a TV.

In addition, this update automatically blocks malware files and includes parental control features.

2 Responses

  1. cjhoffmn

    Funny – this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I find it really useful. I often have lots of tabs open for research and they often play music.

    Anyone else see the bit about the Chrome update with the widevinecdmadapter.dll? Apparently its something useful for Chrome to deliver copyrighted material more easily. I know that’s from August last year, but the update just occurred on my machine this morning.

    Weird that they’ll work with DRM for larger format goods, but not music?
    Did this get covered here before?