Now You Can Easily Manage Comments On Your YouTube Videos…

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YouTube comments are on the verge of being a ridiculous mess.

The new commenting system and Google+ integration is hard to follow and moderate.  Comments no longer appear in users’ inboxes, which is where many people managed them.

So how can you regain control of the comments on your YouTube videos?

YouTube has added a comments management page ).  This page lists all comments. You can respond to, remove, flag, thumbs up, or go straight to the video from this page.

At this point, oddly, you can’t directly reply to comments from the management page.  However, YouTube says you will soon have the ability to reply directly and expand replies.

One Response

  1. Danne

    Youtube wants to be in control concerning comments, that’s the point,
    and creating a mess is one way of making it impossible for people to
    understand the hidden rules (maybe possible to control on user level)
    that probably are built into the commenting system.
    I’m nearly sure that one motive behind this “automatic top comment”
    method is to be able to more control (in a hidden way) which users
    they want to stop from getting more subscribers (by always putting their
    comments way down when they comment). Channel comments have nearly
    stopped, I got 1000+ before Youtube changed 2012, now 2-3 per month….
    Combined talent and music chart channel, supports talents and young artists
    from all over the world (composing, sound, general strategies etc)