These Phrases Lead to Crowdfunding Success…

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Which phrases should you include in your crowdfunding campaign to improve your chances of success?

If you’re thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign you’re in luck.

Assistant Professor Eric Gilbert and doctoral candidate Tanushree Mitra of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing have published a paper titled “The Language that Gets People to Give: Phrases that Predict Success on Kickstarter”. They researched over 45,000 kickstarter projects, compiling phrases found in funded and non-funded campaigns.

Gilbert says their “research revealed that the phrases used in successful Kickstarter campaigns exhibited general persuasion principles“.

Successful campaigns generally had language that fit into six categories. Check out these successful keywords:


  • “we’ll mention your name”
  • “i will thank you on my website, send you good karma and give you a free digital download


  • for anyone who comes by and was thinking of pledging, the option is still there until 5:04 pm on 17 october”
  • “you are being given the chance to become part of something at its earliest stages”
  • blast from the past – pledge and receive one of only ten remaining copies”.

Social Proof:

  • “huge thanks to everyone who has pledged so far”
  • “i have pledged and suggest you do too!”

Social Identity:

  • “a large portion of our community has come together to build this
  • “collect is dedicated to making the arts accessible to the community”


  • “thank you for your support “and encouragement


  • “the best-quality exhibition master we can afford
  • “the project will be produced by dove award winning producer rusty varenkamp”