Someone Glued This Poster Outside a Boarded-Up HMV…

This week, HMV closed its massive, flagship store on Oxford Street in London, part of an ongoing liquidation process.  Here’s a poster that someone glued outside.

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7 Responses

  1. GGG

    Where’s the DMN office? I’ll be sure to hang a poster of your logo ripping up print publications.

  2. wallow-T

    I wish we could liberate Nipper (the dog) from the limbo he has been cast into, as different corporations own him on different sides of the Atlantic. He’s a great brand icon.

  3. Jim

    YAY! death to interaction with humans, physical music discovery, and hundreds of jobs! more antisocial screen interaction, please. glad to know that pesky tradition of cultural discovery is being trounced. let’s celebrate!

    • Willis

      Exactly. Hooray for the demise of community and quality audio! Good riddance to the days of hanging out at a record store, bumping into people, making friends and finding cool new music!

    • GGG

      I’m assuming you wrote this with a hand-crafted pen and hand-woven stationary or typed it on a hand-made typewriter, then gave it to a Pony Express messenger to bring to someone else that you pay to upload your thoughts to this highly evolved technology known as the internet, otherwise your comment would be an extremely silly one that ignores the entire history of mankind since the invention of the wheel.