Hans Zimmer Wants You! …to Enter a Remix Competition On SoundCloud

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Remix competitions on SoundCloud are typically for young rising EDM producers.  But this is a new twist…

Hans Zimmer is holding a remix competition. The prize? A full-time job at Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a company that creates custom music for television shows.  Bleeding Fingers is a collaboration between Zimmer and Extreme Music, the production music arm of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. 

Zimmer composed a custom song for the competition and posted the stems so prospective composers can take a stab at remixing.

The competition will be judged by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, and composers who have created music for Transformers 3The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and other impressively-scored movies.

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  1. Bruce Burbank

    I’ll give this thing a whirl.

    Hans’ original track is suuper cheese, though. All weepy, sweepy, romantic, teary-eyed flourishes. Gonna have to break out the heavy duty industrial drums and super noisy glitch machines and bash him over the head with some furious, relentless drumming. Screw it, I’ll throw in some chopped up Amen breaks and make it a breakcore thing.

  2. reallyreallyred

    Hi, I can’t seem to find a link to the stems on the competition site. Am I missing something very obvious?

  3. River Waters

    A brief reading of the Rules is in order. The contest appears to be an ingenious method of solicitation of resumes for employment. Read the Rules carefully. You may indeed want to enter, and it might be beneficial to one person’s career, but you ought to be clear about what it involves. Two things I saw very quickly:

    1) The winning composer agrees to assign all rights in the work to the contest operator and agrees that the operator be deemed sole author and owner thereof. Yes, the language purportedly limits use of the work — [operator] “shall not exploit any Composition in any way other than for purposes of this Competition.” But then why the grant of “the right to sell and otherwise commercially exploit such Composition, without any additional consideration or payment to you (or any third party) of any nature (except where prohibited by applicable law), in any medium and in any manner now or hereafter known?” At a minimum, this would appear to be a conflict in the language.

    In any case, what does the winner get out of it? A trip to what is essentially an interview, which many corporate employers routinely pay for in any case. And the possibility (it’s not guaranteed) that your name and work will be publicized and you might work for the contest operator.

    2) Note this language: “For the sake of clarity, the Winner(s) are not guaranteed to receive an offer of employment with Bleeding Fingers, rather, the Winner(s) shall solely be guaranteed an interview with Bleeding Fingers, which may or may not result in an offer of employment.” Fair enough, they like your material, end of capturing it, pay for your trip out to meet them and then, if it doesn’t work out, you are still a contest winner.

    But you’re not going to get paid for your work. You get a trip to the Coast and a job interview. I think the entire program is ingenious and evidence of a fine business mind at work. They have built a great deal of discretion into the program, as any attorney might want to do to maximize the options. Just make sure you know what you’re going into.

    • mdti

      Isn’t it because it is a “remix” and then, supposed to follow the original score rather than creatinga new one which is not the purpose.

      The contest is not a “best composer” thing, but sounds more like “best arrangment” or something like that.

      So it looks absolutely normal to me that the original composer keeps his rights, because it is his composition, and you are only asked to remix it, ie make a new arrangment.

      • Just me

        Well, of course there are some rules to it people. Hans Zimmer cant just get anybody who might ONCE have done a great remix… keeping the rights is NORMAL. No matter how a song is remixed the rights stay with the composer which is in this case Hans! Furthermore I would not complain about a great opportunity like that… an interview at Hans Zimmer and being turned down is better than NO interview at Hans Zimmer! And by the way… I do NOT believe that this is just a cheap way of getting a good mix for free because trust me… Hans can do that all by himself. He does not need any additional help 🙂 he is a genious and I wish I had just 10% of his skills!

  4. GGG

    I’ll do it only if I can hang out in his ridiculous studio. Google pics if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

  5. cjhoffmn

    The studio is awesome – I’ve seen the pics – truly cool.

    River – looks like you assessment is right this is an easy way to get a free look at prospective employees… It would self sort for the determined and motivated at the very least!

  6. thulin

    I’ll give it a go! Be a dream to work on Hans’s campus. Gonna be lots of legit competition though I think! Be a fun challenge either way.

  7. diana

    since 2 days no chance to submit and take part in the challenge. 🙁 What about all the good work done by those people? I am not a composer they’d look for – no degree in music education but a lover of all kinds of music from africans traditional folk to lady gaga. hope this doesn’t prevent you from taking a listen of the Journey of a heroe – my interpretation of Hans Zimmers motive:


    Take care and thanks and good luck to all the participants!

  8. Dylan Patrick Smith

    This certainly has been a pretty interesting experience, everyone. Hans left the original music very simple. Sure it’s sweeping, epic, and a little cheesy…. but VERY cinematic and with all the parts broken up as stems it’s an easy way to rearrange the track as each contestant sees fit. Here is my submission. Good luck to everyone!