StubHub All-In Pricing: “No Additional Fees Will Be Added”…

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Ticket prices on the secondary marketplace are usually way more than list price.  Add hidden fees, and those tickets you wanted suddenly don’t sound so appealing.

Well, StubHub has decided to show all of their fees up front.  Their new “all-in” pricing includes service and delivery fees.  You’ll still be paying fees, the only difference is that you’ll know ahead of time.

The price you see listed on StubHub is the final price you’ll pay“.

Sounds great and all, but this says nothing about the actual price itself.  Which means tickets for that concert will probably still cost an arm and a leg.

5 Responses

  1. david

    ticket club has been doing that for a year and sells tickets for a lot less than stubhub

  2. Henry Chatfield

    Really not a big fan of StubHub but I am happy to see this change! I can deal with fees, I just want to know about them ahead of time, so this is nice.

  3. Jughead

    I occasionally find great deals on Stub Hub for sporting events. Never tried for a music event, though.

  4. crabs

    Geniuses at stub hub figure..let’s show you higher ticket prices up front. This will entice more people to want to pull out their wallets faster…. from a consumer physiological aspect, this will be an epic fail for stubub

  5. Stubhub's a scam

    Gotta love how Stubhub makes up fake examples of ticket prices to show that their all in price is the cheapest.

    What a joke.