56 Artists That Somehow Never Won a Grammy…

The infamous list of non-inductees continues, with Justin Bieber almost guaranteed a permanent position.  In honor of the 56th Grammy Awards, here are 56 artists that somehow never got honored…

(And for fun, try searching a few artists on grammy.com’s ‘Past Winners’ database, here.)

1. Justin Bieber

2. One Direction

3. Queens of the Stone Age

4. PSY

5. The Doors

6. Queen

7. Jimi Hendrix

8. Led Zeppelin*

9. The Who

10. Tupac Shakur

11. Katy Perry

12. Snoop Dogg

13. Björk

14. Chuck Berry

15. The Grateful Dead

16. Diana Ross

17. Nas

18. ZZ Top

19. Bob Marley

20 Janis Joplin

21. Buddy Holly

22. Notorious B.I.G.

23. (Eric B. &) Rakim

24. Rush

25. Run D.M.C.

26. Guns n’ Roses

27. Boston

28. Sam Cooke

29. Talking Heads

30. The Ramones

31. The Everly Brothers

32. Patti Smith

33. Public Enemy

34. Sly & the Family Stone

35. The Sex Pistols

36. Parliament &/or Funkadelic

37. The O’Jays

38. Creedence Clearwater Revival

39. The Stooges

40. Motley Crue

41. Kiss

42. Deep Purple

43. Journey

44. Jackson Browne

45. The Pretenders

46.Toby Keith

47. New Order

48. Depeche Mode

49. Tiesto

50. The Kinks

51. Morrissey

52. The Smiths

53. ABBA

54. Dusty Springfield

55. Teddy Pendergrass

56. Oasis

bonus round! (add your own below..)

57. Curtis Mayfield

58. The Byrds

59. Dave Brubeck

60. Brian McKnight

61. Martina McBride

62. Busta Rhymes

63. Nicki Minaj

64. Florence and the Machine

65. The Spice Girls

66. The Strokes


*Both Page & Plant have separately won awards, but not as Led Zeppelin.  Written while listening to Journey’s 1978 release, Infinity, on Beats.

16 Responses

  1. i love mike love

    the beach boys have won a grammy, it was last year!

  2. Yves Villeneuve


    A man of honor does not simultaneously criticize other artists or their music and not open himself or client bands to criticism as well.

    A man of honor does not opine in bad faith about other artists’ music. Words like “creepy” and “cliche” accurately describes the opposite of my music. Not swayed by fake opinions.

    That said, be very critical when you preview, rate and review Yves Villeneuve music.

    • GGG

      That anonymous person was not me, since you clearly think it was.

      And for the record, I never said your music was cliche. I’ve said your lyrics are cliche and over-wrought, much like mediocre poets and authors who think adding a string of adjectives makes their writing good. The music/composition of your songs exists in this strange realm of incredibly bland and boring, yet oddly unique. Unfortunately, unique in this case is not a good thing. Combine them together and it becomes creepy, that I will stand behind.

      Also, I’m not sure this counts as criticizing or opining in bad faith about another artist’s music because your work is only “music” on a technicality, and calling yourself an artist is an insult to many, many people.

      • Yves Villeneuve

        For the record, can you give lyrical examples to back up your “cliche” opinion? I stand by my opinion you are opining in bad faith. You seem to believe cliches are everywhere in my lyrics. Do you know what cliche means? Your definition of cliche is weird, a reflection of your mind I gather.

        You obviously don’t know the definition of “creepy”, which makes you strange as a result, and obviously giving another fake opinion that the music is “bland” and “boring”. Your opinion is creepy, more a reflection of your personality, but more fake than anything else. You don’t like the chord progressions? Is it the lyrical content? Lack of over-produced ear candy and song structures? Lack of bridges? I think you’re envious, to be honest. You do realize you are encouraging over-produced music, don’t you, yet my style is “Simple Poetic Rock”?

        As I’ve said to you before I am not a virtuoso, see my Tweet.

        Your words “cliche”, “creepy”, incredibly “bland” and “boring” are dumb keywords to describe my music. This is why your opinion is fake… “Disingenuous”, if you want a technical adjective.

        I also stand by my opinion that a man of honor who criticizes equally opens himself and his vested interests to criticism.

        • Yves Villeneuve

          Another dumb keyword I missed to mention was “overwrought”. All these keywords are the opposite of my music(including lyrics), and can safely say I’m critical enough to set the record straight.

        • GGG

          Speaking of not knowing meanings of words, you really need to look up ‘fake.’ Not sure how an opinion can be fake…unless you’ve fit me into your batshit crazy narrative where the industry is out to keep you down and I secretly love your music but am paid to make you look bad. But fear not, I can assure you that I honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart think…nay, know, that your music is bad.

          As for what’s bad about it, since you asked and always tell people to be very critical:

          1) Cliche lyrics: Not going to listen to all your songs or even previews but the first line I heard when I randomly clicked on a track was “fill your mind with truth.” Simple? Check. Poetic? Maybe in 4th grade. Rock? Questionable. But sure, since I’m not going to listen to more than 10 seconds of a track, I’ll concede that maybe you are, in fact, the next Bob Dylan and I just won’t hear your genius lyricism in action.

          2) You basically have the same drum track and same tempo on every. single. song. On top of that, it’s literally the most basic rock beat a person can do. On one track? Cool. Two, three? Ok…whatever. More than three? Boooooring and monotonous. Maybe you can sell your stuff to hypnotists or psych wards or something, though. I’m sure those qualities can be useful somehow.

          3) Your strumming patterns are almost identical every. single. song. It’s not about being a virtuoso or not, it’s about being even a mildly creative guitar player. Get someone else to play if you need to. (spoiler: you need to)

          4) I refuse to listen to a full track, but I think I can safely assume that yes, your songs lack any structure and just start and end. Which can be fine in theory; ‘Thunder Road’ is one of my favorite songs of all time and that has an implied musical chorus but no real one. The problem is there’s no movement in your songs. Nothing to pull people forward. Not even a cadence somewhere, just basic back and forth chord changes. At least respect music a little and take Remedial Music Theory to learn the basics.

          5) Your creepy voice. Look, I’ve said before that there’s always people who like creepiness. Look at metal music, those dudes can be creepy as fuck. So I’m not saying there’s not people who will enjoy your voice. I’m saying, to me, I get the vibe of someone I wouldn’t want near my children if I had any.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            1- you admit to not being aware of my lyrics, which confirms your opinions are in bad faith. Sure I maybe use a cliche a few times on an album but nowhere near as often you claim. I see you did not defend your “overwrought” comment.

            2- I’m not apologizing for a consistent drum beat though there are different drum melodies in every song to give enough variety. The average music fan appreciates and understands it.

            3- Again, I’m not apologizing for fairly similar guitar rhythm but different chord progressions in every song. The average music fan appreciates and understands it.

            4- I respect the opinions of 90-95% of music fans, not the overtrained or overrated music critic because his musical intelligence feels unchallenged.

            5- I see you changed your definition. I guess Leonard Cohen has a creepy voice too. I still don’t believe you spent enough time properly experiencing the vocals and music to make an informed opinion. You are grasping at straws because you supposedly have limited listening experience with this music which make your opinions fake(disingenuous).

            Your turn.

          • GGG

            1) I was made aware of them months and months ago for my initial judgment. (which is enough, based on your own 90 seconds rule). I wasn’t going to go through and pick out specific lines. And overwrought was largely based on your silly spoken word intro in which you spew thoughts you can find on any half-assed, soulless, spirituality blog on tumblr. It’s the cheesiest way possible to attempt to show you’re and “artist.” and deep.

            2) No, there’s absolutely not enough variety. The average music fan doesn’t, or you’d have actual fans.

            3) Again, it’s literally the most boring guitar playing I’ve ever heard in my life. See above.

            4) See, here’s your problem. You think knowing anything about music is overtrained, just to make yourself feel better about how shitty you are. “Oh, I can’t do this? Because I’m not some music nerd who went to music school, so it’s OK!” I guess right wing in Canada isn’t so different than here. Being smart/good is evil, right? Fuck those intellectual elites, right? Fuck Led Zeppelin, fuck Queen, fuck all those rock bands that were fantastic musicians, right? It’s all justifying your weaknesses when you could just learn more shit and get better. This is why I don’t respect you as a musician, because you don’t respect music or the art form. I’m not saying go learn about and use Coltrane substitutions and try to play like Yngwie Malmsteen, just learn the fucking basics of how to utilize chords and structure. I enjoy PLENTY of simple, easy music. Because it has soul. You have no soul.

            5) I didn’t change my definition. Creepy is creepy is creepy. I’d say Leonard Cohen’s voice is theatrical, not creepy. He doesn’t sound like someone we shouldn’t allow to stand too close to a playground.

  3. Anonymous

    All of the bands I listen to which includes Chevelle and Three Days Grace

  4. Nobody

    Led Zepplin has received 5 Grammy Awards.