Courtney Love Is Not Guilty Of #TwitterLibel…

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It’s a popular time for court cases that could shape the way artists interact on the internet.

Courtney Love has won her Twitter libel case.

Love briefly hired lawyer Rhonda Holmes in 2008 to look into possible theft from the estate of Kurt Cobain.  The relationship with Holmes went sour; Holmes blames Love’s substance abuse.

Fast-forward to 2010, and Courtney Love tried to unsuccessfully rehire the firm.  Around this time, she tweeted this in response to another user:

“@noozjunkie I was … devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off @fairnewsspears perhaps you can get a quote,”

Holmes’ law firm accused Love of defamation, saying the statement that she was “bought off” was false and had the intention of damaging Holmes’ business.  On the other hand, Love said she meant to send a direct message and quickly deleted the tweet.

The jury has now agreed with Courtney Love, deciding she didn’t mean to tweet a false statement.

Happy ending for Love, though this could be seen as a warning to celebrities who tweet recklessly.  Courtney Love says she’s now more careful about what she puts on Twitter, saying “I don’t tweet like I did back then“.