Daft Punk’s Grammy Stage Set Looks Pretty Cool…

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Check out these behind the scenes photos of Daft Punk’s Grammy performance setup.

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The photos were posted on Tumblr by stage props specialist Jim Logiduce.

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Logiduce wrote:

“Here’s the set we built for Daft Punk’s Grammy performance tonight.

Tino Schaedler and Optimist Design teamed up with Daft Arts to create this amazing mid-century modern design set. Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set. Very cool. The recording booth is patterned after the “Mother” space craft control room from the movie Alien. The robots gold mirror mixing console actually worked and was played live.

(set construction and prop fabrication by Vision Scenery)”

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5 Responses

  1. Versus

    “The mirror mixing console actually worked and was played live.”

    Now I’ve heard it all.

  2. Maurice Oliver

    Put’s the concept of “Live” performance in a different light no instruments required, just Nile Rodgers,
    and Pharells personality. Time to start selling your gear, and get a robot suit!

    • GGG

      Or you can, you know, find and go see one of the billion acts that do use instruments live.

  3. soniquarium muzika

    Ive played with Daft a bunch of times, both DJ sets and Live sets. Great duo. Good to see the French team knocking out solid Commercial Tracks to help EDM hit the main stream. Nothing wrong with that. I prefer to stay underground, even when i do play with Daft, Crystal Method, Moby, Guetta, …..Let them be the Pop Stars they do it well.