Now You Can Stream Spotify Tracks Straight From…

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  • Save recently launched a beta version of their radio service that streams songs from YouTube.  This workaround was likely designed to save money on licensing.

Now has made another change to the site’s streaming audio. has partnered with Spotify on individual track streaming.

Streaming on the site was previously limited to tracks uploaded by the artist.  Now, users can theoretically stream any track on Spotify via the artist’s page.  Tracks that are Spotify-hosted have a white play button next to them, and tracks have a black play button.  As of now, Spotify and tracks will play over each other if not paused first, so there is still work to be done on this.


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  • Save

When a Spotify track is played from, a playlist of all the tracks on the page is automatically created and played.’s Managing Director Simon Moran said: “This collaboration with Spotify brings the together the best qualities of both services, creating a stronger listening and discovery experience for music lovers…