Kaki King Is Using the Guitar as a Projection Screen in Her New Show…

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Renowned guitarist Kaki King has a new live show in the works that visually projects animations based on the music being played.

Kaki King has  released six full-length albums and multiple EPs.  Back in 2006, she made Rolling Stones’ “The New Guitar Gods” list.  More importantly, her live show kicks ass.

Her guitar playing has a huge visual aspect.  King played upon this in an art show she held in 2009, which I had the pleasure of being a part of.  She sent me and 15 other artists guitars to create sculptures based on her songs.

The Neck is a Bridge to the Body is the name of the new show Kaki King is putting together. The soundtrack will be released as an album. There’s a Kickstarter for the project, which has already passed its $25,000 goal.

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The Kickstarter page says this is “the first time the guitar itself is being used as a projection screen”.  But expect a multi-layer blast: there will be separate visuals on the guitar and on the screen behind King.  These visuals are directly influenced by the sounds she plays on the guitar.

On the Kickstarter page King also says:

“I’m always employing new techniques, tunings, and approaches in order to coax out sounds that haven’t been heard before. This show is an extension and exploration of that philosophy. If the guitar can show any picture or wear any kind of skin then how will I relate to it as an instrument that I’m so comfortable with, and is it possible for an audience to see such a familiar object in an entirely new way?”

Here’s a glimpse at what her live performance looks like: