Pachelbel’s Canon, as Played by Floppy Drives…

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There’s a whole bunch of people on YouTube recording cover songs using floppy disc drives.

YouTube user MrSolidSnake745 used stepper motors in eight floppy drives to do a cover of “Pachelbel’s Canon in D”.  The video was uploaded in December.


In an FAQ, MrSolidSnake745 explained his process, which uses code written by YouTube user Sammy1Am:

“What this code does is convert a MIDI file into serial data packets and sends them over to my Arduino Duemilanove… The Arduino receives them and then sends the appropriate channel/floppy drive the information.”

Here’s some videos from other users:

  • Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”
  • Super Mario Bros. Theme Song
  • “Imperial March”

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  1. Henry Chatfield

    This is neat, but I can only wonder what more “useful” things could have been created with the same amount of time and specialty knowledge that was required to do this.