Spotify Premium, Now Free With A Newspaper Subscription…

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Beats Music is looking into expanding their partnership with AT&T, aiming to ‘crush’ Spotify along the way.  But Spotify isn’t sitting around waiting to be crushed: they’ve just announced a new bundling deal of their own.  However, this one is way smaller than what Beats seems to be cooking up.

Spotify has partnered with Times Newspapers, offering new and existing The Times and Sunday Times subscribers a free year of Spotify Premium.

The deal would apply to those with annual subscriptions to Times digital and ultimate packs.  The papers currently have 375,882 subscribers.

If Beats does make a big move, Spotify will need more than 375,882 new subscribers. However, this first step could point to more Spotify partnerships in the future.

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  1. TuneHunter

    Are we getting net $2.99 or less?
    We are on streaming/advertising bullet train to 30B bucks industry in 2025.
    Let’s wake up 1999 is worth today 56B in inflation adjusted dollars.
    Current activities amount to 17B scrap collection for 100B of perfect goods.