ODD Makes 3D-Printed Guitar Bodies for $3,500…

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Guitar company ODD Guitars uses 3D printing to create unique guitar bodies.

ODD Guitars’ website includes this description of how their guitars are created:

“The 3D Printing technology used in ODD guitars is called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and builds the components by spreading a thin layer of nylon powder… The layer is then dropped down a fraction of a millimeter, and another layer of powder is spread on top of the first, and the process is repeated until the component is built. The typical layer thickness is 0.1mm.

The hardware (pickups, bridges, necks, tuning heads, etc.) used on all ODD guitars are all top quality off-the-shelf hardware and most of them can be specified by the customer when ordering.”

This video shows ODD Guitars in action:

Most of their guitars cost around $3,500 without shipping.

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  1. ChrisH

    Too much $$ for a novelty. I bet the same guitar will cost $199.00 in 5 years.