This Is How Facebook Sells You Fake Followers, Then Charges You to Reach Them…

This is the video hitting every in-box, Tweetstream, and discussion thread.  It shows how Facebook itself systematically sells bogus Likes, then charges you to reach those fake followers.

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  1. jw

    I think Facebook’s ads were always a bad idea. It never seemed to fit in with the concept of Facebook &, as a user, I’ve always been blind to them. It’s just not a medium for display advertising, it’s a communication platform.

    To me, this story reinforces the importance of developing a real, grassroots following on social networks. There aren’t really any shortcuts. And if you have a genuine following, paying for exposure makes a lot more sense.

    Genuine likes allow you to diagnose your impact on the market… increasing your impact should increase your likes, it doesn’t work the other way around.

    • River Waters

      I tried FB ads. After the first reports were in, I asked them to show me the basis of the numbers they reported. In other words, prove it’s not just a number you’re telling me. They had no response. I got my money back and never used that ad service again.

  2. Henry Chatfield

    This is in fact really depressing. Not just because people are getting ripped off, but because Facebook has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool and it’s becoming more and more useless every day.

    Sure, it’s a business and it has to make money — maybe there was no other way — but it’s discouraging nonetheless.

    Makes you really, really appreciate not for profit internet entities like Wikipedia, and that’s why it’s so so important to contribute donations when they are fundraising!

  3. tf

    The Facebook financial ecosystem for reach never did make much sense. You organically acquired fans and friends, and then they deliberately limited your reach. Then they try to sell you fake fans and friends, which further dilutes your true reach. And their lackadaisical approach to banning click farms and bots discredits their own statistics, one of their few assets. No winning here, just another dot com vapour cloud on the horizon.

    But it’s a great vehicle for sharing cat photos for free.

  4. GGG

    You mean those 3000 Indonesian fans I have don’t actually like my music!???!! I really thought my brand of rock and roll just hit the heart of the Southeast Asian peoples…

    PS – I hope Yves watches this video…

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Why? There is no doubt that his popularity in various 3rd world countries such as Niger, Bangladesh and Vietnam is totally genuine. There is nothing strange about a total of 2 comments and the 7.447 likes on his facebook either. Obviously his fans are just too busy buying his records on iTunes and don’t have time to make any comments.

  5. Gino Sesto

    Guys if you are not doing your campaigns properly you will get screwed!!!! I’ve seen countless Record Labels doing stuff like this before!

    This guy clearly has not set up campaigns in a proper manner for himself and killed his engagement. Then he decides to vent about it and come up with a shame Cat site? He screwed up and has a vendetta.

    Facebook’s system is not perfect, but I will say it is the best targeting mechanism of any Social Media platform bar none. That includes Google, YouTube and Twitter. I’m not saying that Facebook will last forever. There are very strong signs pointing to a plateau.

    If you want to discuss how to do it right, call me.

    • hippydog

      did you even watch the video?
      I saw (a much lesser) version of what he experienced with facebook for my company.. Basically that video just confirms what MANY of us were suspecting anyways..

      Understandably, companies that make their money SELLING “facebook results” are gonna be hurt by this..

  6. Anonymous

    I want followers and friends on facebook.