De La Soul Gave Away Music That Was Illegally Downloaded…

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De La Soul gave away their catalogue of releases via their website on Valentine’s Day. These releases are difficult to legally get ahold of online. Due to heavy use of unauthorized samples a fair amount of their music hasn’t made it to iTunes.

Now it appears that the sample-heavy music they gave away for free was actually downloaded illegally. Recode looked at the music’s metadata and saw evidence pointing to Russian file sharing site Rappalata.

This doesn’t mean De La Soul directly downloaded the music themselves, but it appears that someone did the deed at some point in the digital files’ history.

This is all a little ironic.

8 Responses

    • Nina Ulloa

      nah, i’d say this fall into the category of “contrast between what the expectations of a situation are and what is really the case”

  1. Randow


    Not sure. If you stole something from me, and I took it back, is that stealing? Not sure if this is ‘ironic’ – i think De La Soul can grab their own track wherever.


    • Nina Ulloa

      it’s kind of like andy warhol giving away stolen warhol prints… that would be ironic

  2. ben

    “Due to heavy use of unauthorized samples a fair amount of their music hasn’t made it to iTunes.”


    • PiratesWinLOL

      Indeed. Such old nonsens from the greedy copy-nazis is just ridicules in 2014. Also, what makes it even more strange, is that other similar stuff with tons of “illegal” samples such a Girl Talk or Beastie Boys album Paul’s Boutique is available with no problem. I really can’t figure out why the slimey advocates of the music industry, have targeted these guys and Danger Mouse in particular. Fortunately though, it is not holding me and a lot of other people back. I got all the stuff on my NAS server and can also just stream it from GrooveShark and YouTube.

      • DUDE

        Much as I love their music I cant really imagine De La Soul’s catalog selling well if it were ever released on iTunes etc — thats probably why Warner hasnt bothered clearing up the samples, itd be more time and effort and money than its worth to them in sales

        It is a bit stupid since its still super easy to get the music if you want it, but I stopped expecting that to be a deterrent to people a while ago