It’s Little Dragon On the Phone. They Want to Tell You About Their New Album…

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We’re inundated by album marketing all the time, but its rare to see a well-executed campaign that creates an engaging user experience.

Swedish electro-pop band Little Dragon have a website set up to promote their new single, “Klapp Klapp”, from their upcoming album, Nabuma Rubberband.

The website asks you to enter your phone number so Little Dragon can relay “something really important”.

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The band members “call you” from their home studio. An automated recording dials your number, playing phone calls from all four band members. The audio perfectly syncs with the video playing in your browser.

A teaser clip of their new music video plays, superimposed on a drawing of a TV on the wall.

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Then Little Dragon starts to play  a recording of their new single over the phone. This transforms into a synced performance and the audio seamlessly shifts over to the computer.

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At the end of the performance a link to buy the single on iTunes pops up.

The developer behind the project, Lee Martin, explains the technical aspects in a blog post. He also discusses where the idea behind the campaign came from:

“Could we break the impersonal barrier of the web by integrating telephony? The cellphone has become a personal extension of us. We take it everywhere, personalize it to suit our needs, and actually listen when someone talks to us on it. So, why not get the artist to call everyone?”

One Response

  1. Danwriter

    Just what we need — more robocalls. (I realize this is opt-in but wonder what happens to those phone numbers long term.)