As I Lay Dying’s Frontman Pleads Guilty to Hiring Someone to Kill His Wife…

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As I Lay Dying’s singer, Tim Lambesis, has plead guilty to solicitation of murder for trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife.

Tim Lambesis could spend up to nine years in jail for trying to hire an undercover agent posing as a hitman. He paid the undercover agent $1,000, and told him how to get into his wife’s home.  Lambesis planned to be away with the couple’s children at the time of the murder.

His personal trainer informed authorities after Lambesis asked if he knew anyone who could kill his wife.

Lambesis’ wife filed for divorce in 2012.  She alleged that Tim was obsessed with bodybuilding, was not caring for their children, spent thousands of dollars on tattoos, and had affairs.  There is a distinct possibility Mrs. Lambesis would have been given full custody of the children plus a large portion of Tim’s income.  The prosecution argues that this is why Tim wanted her killed.

Tim is free on a $2 million bond until May.