Executive Shuffles: Beats Music, Caroline International, STIM…


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Dave Allen

Dave Allen, founding member of Gang of Four, has been hired by Beats Music. Billboard reports that Allen will serve as an Artist Advocate, helping artists see the benefits of the streaming service.

Aslak Klever is now Caroline International‘s Head of Operations for the Nordic region. Previously, Klever was Sales Director and Head of Brand Partnerships for Warner Music Norway.

STIM has named Helena Woodcock acting CEO. Former CEO Kenth Muldin resigned recently.

3 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    The guys at Beats Music aren’t nearly as smart or artist friendly as I had first hoped.

    As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Beats Music missed a huge opportunity to win the respect of artists, by going down this road. Had they chosen a different strategy, they could have gained countless exclusives from artists the general public are willing to pay to hear, while Spotify would languish without them.

    With windowing the future for many major acts, Beats could have had them out of the gate. Really not very creative thinking on their part.

    But now they opened the door for an artist owned and run service that can blow their doors off by having artists line up to offer exclusives. It isn’t how much you have; it’s what you have.

    But they did get the disgruntled Gang of One Guy. Come to think of it he looks like Sean Parker. Ah the symmetry of it all.