Blossom Records Is Shutting Down on Record Store Day and Putting Everything On a Bus…

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Norwich’s Blossom Records is raising money to move their record shop onto a traveling bus.

The store is closing on U.K. Record Store Day, April 19th, because they could not secure funding from banks to move to a larger space. They built up the store from scratch with a small startup loan and say moving the store is not feasible.

Blossom Records has a strong customer base; even Richard Branson is a fan.

So why not bring the store to the customers?  The store’s owners, Blossom Bloyce and Adi Walder, now hope to travel across the country with their record store.  Their crowdfunding page says they want to bring music to people all over, “city centres, towns, record fairs, festivals, and everywhere in-between”.

The Vinyl Factory quotes Walder, saying:

“The shop being mobile is not about us having a jolly, it will by its very nature be fun and exciting, but this project is not for us, it’s for the people and communities we will visit.”

2 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    What a great looking store. I’d go spend money there in a heart beat. Support your local record store(s) while you still can. They are important meeting places, where people can go and talk music.

  2. Blossom Records

    We are open again!! Online now @ and on Youtube 🙂