The National Parks Service Won’t Let Daft Punk Perform at a National Monument…

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The scene above will NOT be coming to a national monument near you.

Nope, not even Daft Punk are allowed to bring 50,000 people in for a concert at the United States’ first national monument. reports that Daft Punk’s agency submitted a proposal for a large concert on private land next to Devils Tower National Monument.  Their proposal also included lasers that would light up the monument.

The monument’s superintendent said Daft Punk seemed to be scouting concert locations for the summer.

The National Parks Service rejected the proposal on January 31st, after consulting with six American Indian tribes.

The Devils Tower National Monument is a sacred American Indian site and a night skies park.  Not exactly the right place for EDM laser shows.

2 Responses

  1. Jaded Industry Dude

    Daft Punks is repped by ACA, this agency does not rep Daft Punk, which makes it Daft Bunk.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad this got rejected. No need to disgrace this land with horrible music. Keep them in crowded indie clubs where they belong.