Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ Is Not Available on Beats Music…

Dr. Dre isn’t licensing his most famous album, The Chronic, to streaming services like Spotify or Rdio.  But why isn’t he licensing his most famous album to his own streaming service?

Here’s what happens when you try to find The Chronic on Beats Music.

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The Chronic , released in 1992, is widely considered to be one of the most influential albums in rap.  It also offered a launchpad for another Los Angeles rapper, Snoop Dogg.



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  1. ben

    But why isn’t he licensing his most famous album to his own streaming service?

    Perhaps too many uncleared samples? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    “why isn’t he licensing his most famous album to his own streaming service?”

    Because there are only two ways an artist can make money from streaming:

    1) Start a streaming service or
    2) Buy shares in a major label.

  3. MinnesotaLaker

    Because Dre is Greedy and Evil and wants to make as much money as possible off of other people’s work! He’s knows the only way to make reasonable money is not to put your music on streaming sites. Like 2pac said “Die Slow”! Asshole.

  4. Me

    It’s also not available on iTunes or Amazon MP3. I’m guessing there’s a dispute w/ Suge Knight & Death Row Records over who owns the rights.

  5. JG

    He has the digital rights to The Chronic, however Death Row still owns the album, so if they release the Album online, they’ll have to pay Dre.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      The court decision (referenced above) notes that Death Row has the rights to exploit physical versions, not digital versions, according to the details of the original contract.

  6. Me

    It’s not just streaming services – The album is also not available for download on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

    • Anonymous

      There is probably some kind of rights issue with selling it.

  7. Londonmusicmapp

    Interesting article but pretty irrelevant commercially, this must be one of the most pirated albums of all time, anyone who wants a copy can get a copy.

    • FarePlay

      That doesn’t put Dre in a very exclusive club.

  8. bp

    dr dre and the current owners of death row are in a legal dispute over the album, he’s currently suing them for millions in unpaid royalties. it makes perfect sense that the album isn’t on there.

    • Dry Roasted

      WAS a legal dispute. Dre won and reclaimed digital rights to Chronic.

  9. Willis

    He isn’t licensing it because he knows he won’t get paid.

  10. FarePlay

    The future of streaming rests firmly in the grip of the Mobil Carriers, who are extremely profitable and fiercely competing for, you guessed it, subscribers.

    Don’t be surprised to see 3 month free programs with activation or contract renewal, just like Sirius.

  11. Amy ma

    So Mr. Journalist, why don’t you call Universal Music and ask?

  12. Joel

    Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to be reminded of the violence that was in his past and it could be respect for Eazy and not release it with ” fuck wit DRE day ” on it . Idk my guess