Frank Ocean Took Chipotle’s Money and Told Them to “F%$k Off”…

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In what world is it okay to take an advance for a commercial, not do the commercial, and expect to keep the money? In Frank Ocean’s world, apparently.

Frank Ocean was paid a $212,500 advance by Chipotle to record a cover of Willy Wonka‘s “Pure Imagination” for an ad.  Later, Chipotle showed Frank the video of the final ad.  Frank was unhappy that the Chipotle logo appeared at the end.  He thought the ad was exclusively about responsible farming and wanted the logo removed.  Frank thought he had final say over the advertisement, and when Chipotle didn’t remove the logo he decided not to record the song.

Chipotle then sued Frank Ocean to get their advance back.

Now Frank Ocean has sent Chipotle a check for $212,500, writing “FUCK OFF” on it.

He then posted a picture of the check on his Tumblr.

Here’s the final version of the ad. Fiona Apple sang the cover for Chipotle.


9 Responses

    • River Waters

      How is not performing on a contract admirable?

  1. Danwriter

    We don’t know what the contract stipulated, but considering how quickly Ocean capitulated I suspect it didn’t specify that the Chipotle logo not be used. And the piece was hardly a typical commercial — at three-plus minutes it’s closer to a music video, and one with a worthwhile message. One would think Ocean would have seen at least some strategic career value in associating himself with it. On the other hand, this is not an easy song to sing (and Apple does a great job of it, as did whomever did the score). Maybe he got a bit intimidated?

  2. Paul Resnikoff

    Sure, he didn’t get paid, but it was great exposure!

  3. Willis

    He needs to get over himself. Either do what you agree to, or don’t agree to it in the first place, but don’t agree to something then try to change the deal. I’m sure the contract spelled everything out very clearly. Ocean is a punk-ass bitch.

    • R.P.

      because you saw the actual contract, right?

      f u c k o f f.

  4. Tyler D

    I actually think he wouldn’t have been able to do a better job than Apple. Apple was stellar. Ocean is barely a crooner much less a credible singer. Why wouldn’t Chipotle connect their logo (brand) to this powerful message?

  5. Shelly Hartman

    Personally I’m glad Fiona did the song. An amazing video, full of imagination and creativeness that SHOULD promote their brand, after all the point of the storyline is that fast food restaurants need to stop serving stuff that passes for “food”, and Chipotle obviously wants to point out that their restaurant is at least trying to change this. Frank looks and acts like a whiny sore loser in this one.