Google Now Syncs Tour Dates from Official Artist Websites…

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If you’ve been having trouble getting your tour dates to sync up to Google , things should be a little easier for you now.

Google syncs tour dates, releases, bios, and more to the Knowledge Graph panel that comes up when you search for an artist. They also use this data to sync information up to YouTube. Now tour date information will come straight from official artist websites.

To set this up you have to add specific markup to the code of the official website. Sounds complicated, but there are some extremely easy ways to do this.

You can sync tour dates to your website through a third party widget, such as Bandsintown, BandPage, ReverbNation, Songkick, etc. Google will find this information and sync tour dates for you.

For further detail on the change check out this post from Google.

10 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    Very positive and productive. No harm in this event.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, Google’s war against music, literature and movies just goes on.

      Here’s the latest attack:

      “There is significant, credible evidence emerging that car theft — oops, online piracy — is primarily an availability and pricing problem”

      I’ll post a link to the source below (it often takes a day for messages containing links to show up).

          • Anonymous


            Is it true that Google has solved it by giving Glass away for free?

      • visitor

        because the only the internet can do for musicians is help them tour and sell t-shirts… nice google, just more proof that the internet has failed to liberate artists with new online revenue streams.

        why is it after 15 years the best the digirati can come up with to help musicians is a listing of tour dates.

        wouldn’t removing or demoting the infringing sites from google search be a much better place to start?


    • Anonymous

      Fascinating but they can’t delist a site that gets millions of dmca notices …

  2. Me

    That’s cool. Now if we can only get them to sync correct artist images. :/

    • TuneHunter

      Google should start the front converting music ID services to cash registers of new music Eldorado.
      They are the biggest sinner in this self-destructive activity killing the business!