Worst Accident Ever at SXSW: 2 Killed, 23 Injured By Drunk Driver…

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Some terrible and upsetting news has come out of SXSW.

Around 12:30 AM Wednesday night a drunk driver plowed into a crowd of people outside The Mohawk near 9th street and Red River in Austin.

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The driver was being chased by a policeman on suspicion of drunk driving after he attempted to flee from a traffic stop.  After speeding against traffic on a one-way, the driver took a sharp turn and plowed through barricades near 9th Street and River.  The vehicle plowed straight into  a crowded, previously-closed street, with a policeman chasing.

The incident happened just as Tyler the Creator was preparing to start his show at the Mohawk.  The rock band ‘X’ had just concluded, when sources say club bouncers urged everyone to remain inside the club due to the serious incident.

Two people riding a moped were hit and killed. 23 people were injured, five of them critically. Names have not yet been released.

After striking a parked van, the driver was tased and apprehended by police, and is being held on capital murder and deadly and aggravated assault charges.  The individual, only identified by Austin police as a black male driving alone, is expected to remain in prison for a very long time.

In an interview jammed with members of the media at 2:45 am, Austin police chief Art Acevedo told Digital Music News that this is probably the worst accident in SXSW history.  In his 7 years as chief, this is definitely the worst he has seen at the festival.

The incident raises more questions about whether SXSW is becoming too unruly and dangerous.  Sadly, a shooting occurred on the same block last year.  Other incidents, including violent clashes with police and even small riots, are dirtying a once innocent festival.

A video of the hastily-convened press conference is being loaded below.



If you witnessed the accident Austin Police ask that you call them at 512-974-5186.

(Photos: Digital Music News)

8 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    Only US police does those 7 car Dukes of the Hazzard stants, in most cases for no particular reason.
    Time to stop this mucho-macho shit – there is license plate and car description. Check statistics below, bystanders like those in Austin are not counted.

    “USA Today, April 22, 2010: About 360 people are killed each year in police chases, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Geoffrey Alpert, a professor of criminology at the University of South Carolina who has studied police pursuits since the 1980s, says the actual number of fatalities is “three or four times higher.” Another complicating factor: bystanders killed after police stop chasing suspects — even seconds afterward — are not counted.
    91.4% of all chases are for non-violent crimes.
    spacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacerspacer—The IACP Police Pursuit Database, 2008, page 56 (pdf)”

    • TuneHunter

      800 out of 100,000 or almost 1% or almost 3 million Americans are in prison in the Land of Free!

      In most cases for a puff or couple wrong words with the cop (it is called obstruction of justice)

      In Canada above it is just 200/100K and in liberal and fruity Holland just 70 folks per 100,000, which is 11x less than in US and they got legal prostitution, marihuana and other powders for pleasure.

      You conclude yourself where are we going!

      • TuneHunter

        With statistics like that I am not surprised folks run and are subject to chase!

        With private jails and enforcement in cahoots with the operators it will only get worse.

  2. JohnSI

    I see an individual with a depraved indifference to human life, no matter what the circumstances were that initiated his actions, He chose to mow people down until his car became inoperable. I don’t care what the cops did or did not do right in this situation. He would have been infinitely better off just abandoning his car and trying to walk away. At worst, he would have had his car impounded. Did this psycho actually believe he was going to outrun the cops and have a chuckle about it later on with his buddies?

  3. Willis

    This is yet another example of why high-speed police pursuits are a bad idea; especially in areas where there are innocent bystanders.

  4. texas

    Texas is like a separate country. IMO this accident is not a byproduct of SXSW but more of a normal everyday occurrence down there. During the one and only visit I made to Texas, my family was also hit by a drunk driver.

    • Willis

      This kind of thing could happen anywhere – and it does. Venice Boardwalk, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market – both had cars barrel through pedestrians.