PledgeMusic, CD Baby, and Disc Makers Team Up…

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PledgeMusic, CD Baby, and CD Baby owner Disc Makers all provide great tools for independent musicians (as well as larger acts).  So it makes complete sense that these companies have now banded together in a partnership.

Under this new partnership, each company’s clients will have access to services offered by the other two companies.

PledgeMusic clients will have access to some of CD Baby and Disc Maker’s services and will have preferred pricing for CD manufacturing and replication, packaging, design, and digital distribution.

CD Baby and Disc Maker clients will also receive resources and guidance on how to best use PledgeMusic for their projects.

Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen had this to say:

“We’re a company full of musicians, so we KNOW how important it is to reliably hit release dates… By working directly with PledgeMusic and coordinating closely with artists, we’ll make the disc manufacturing process much simpler, and take away any worries of a missed release date.”

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  1. TuneHunter

    It does not matter how we merge, who we merge and how we release – as long as we have free music discovery and identification and Google GORILLA will control the games at the congress (see below) we WILL NOT HAVE A MUSIC INDUSTRY! “fair use doctrine” has to change – unfortunately it will benefit the most intoxicated by advertising Google.

    “Google, Others Clash Over DMCA Safe Harbor
    Divergent views on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor provisions were on full display in Congress on Thursday, with Google Inc. and others praising the current notice-and-takedown system while others pushed for an end to what they called a “Whac-A-Mole” game of repeat posting….”