The Beastie Boys Win Their Battle Against GoldieBlox…

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Remember the GoldieBlox vs. Beastie Boys showdown?

GoldieBlox preemptively sued the Beastie Boys to protect a parody of the song “Girls” that appeared in an advertisement for their toys. Eventually, GoldieBlox changed their tune and tried to be friendly.  They removed the song from their ad (see the updated ad below) and attempted to make amends with the Beastie Boys.


The Beastie Boys weren’t having it. They countersued the toy company at the end of 2013 over copyright infringement.

Now, the two parties have settled out of court.  GoldieBlox will no longer use the parody, will publish an apology (which they kind of already did), and will donate a percentage of revenue to a charity chosen by the Beastie Boys that supports girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.