Court Finds MP3Tunes Founder Guilty of Copyright Infringement…

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In 2007, the major labels sued MP3Tunes, an online digital music storage locker, and its related website,  The labels argued that MP3Tunes and Sideload founder Michael Robertson (who also founded should be held responsible for massive levels of copyright infringement happening on both sites.  In the case, copyrights involving 2,100 music files were called into question.

MP3Tunes is now bankrupt, largely due to this case.

Now the long-winded case finally has a verdict:

A jury has decided that Robertson is guilty of copyright infringement. Furthermore, the court said MP3Tunes was willfully blind to the infringement of the site’s users.

Robertson was not held accountable for pirated files stored by users in MP3Tunes storage lockers.

Next, the court will determine the amount of damages MP3Tunes owes Capitol Records.

3 Responses

  1. jag

    Michael robertson guilty of copyright infringement? Seems like I’ve heard this story before. At least this time he only hurt himself and it didn’t cost 500+ staff millions in stock.

  2. Willis

    Get your butter or jam out, because Robertson is toast.