6 Life-Saving Audio Apps for the Budget-Strapped Musician…

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The following comes from avid tech fanatic, brass aficionado and journalist Joe Fortunato.  You can find Joe (and more of this writing) on Twitter at @joey_fort.

Unless you’re a famous producer, there’s a good chance you don’t have unlimited access to professional studio equipment.  Luckily, there are a ton of useful recording apps available for budding musicians to get their feet wet.  Some of these are fairly simple and straightforward, while others offer more customizable features so you can do all the tweaking necessary to create that perfect sound.

Whether you want to record quick voice memos to yourself or multitrack that new song you just wrote, there’s an app out there for you.



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Image via Apple.com

Most people are already familiar with GarageBand. While this has been available to Mac users for some time now, you can now use it on your iPhone. In fact, NPR recently named GarageBand one of the best iPhone apps for making music. Users can record up to eight different tracks per song and choose from a variety of instruments. You can also add effects like reverb, echo, volume as well as some novelty sounds like “robot” or “monster.” Aspiring musicians looking for a way to record their own demos should look no further than GarageBand.




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Image via Apple.com

Prochords is a great tool to help beginner musicians write their first songs. Once you set the key and put in the first chord, Prochords suggests other possible chords you can use and offers ratings for each one. As the song progresses, the chord suggestions will change. This is a great tool for musicians just starting out as it saves time fiddling around with a guitar or a keyboard.



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Image via Google Play

VoicePro is possibly the most complete recording and editing app available to Android users. It combines the features of nearly every other audio recording app on the market into one easy-to-use interface. Not only can VoicePro record in almost any format, it allows users to mix multiple tracks, remove vocals or instruments, and adjust gain among many other things. While it may seem a bit costly, keep in mind that similar programs for Windows and Mac can run into the triple digits.

RecForge Pro

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Image via Google Play

RecForge Pro is one of the most powerful and versatile recording apps in the Android marketplace. Not only does it feature both manual and automatic gain control, it also has editing features, several different recording formats, and cloud integration for easy sharing. Adjustable playback speeds and multiple language capabilities make this a great app for recording interviews and speeches as well as music. If you’re still unsure whether this is the right app for you, there’s a free trial version available so you can test the interface.

Multi Track DAW

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Image via Apple.com

This is a great tool for iPhone users looking for something a little more advanced than GarageBand. Monitoring and overdub capabilities allow users to mix and trim their recordings until the sound is perfect. Multi track DAW also has a lot of other advanced features to play around with such as level faders, compression and EQ, mute and solo buttons, and panning. USB interface makes uploading files to iTunes or SoundCloud a breeze if users connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.


Audio Evolution Mobile

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Image via Google Play

Audio Evolution Mobile is possibly one of the most fully featured recording apps for Android users. A powerful multitrack recorder along with features such as non-destructive editing, mixing capabilities, and tons of effects make this a great app for more seasoned musicians. Users can make each track either mono or stereo while adjusting the volume levels to make sure the mix is perfect. There’s a free trial version available for those who are curious but hesitant to commit.

If you’re looking for a high quality audio recorder for your smartphone, look no further than the six apps listed. Each one has a unique purpose and can be used by people of all skill levels. Whether you’re recoding a live concert or multi tracking your new song, you can find an app for that. Many of these programs offer free trials so you can test them out before spending your hard-earned money.


2 Responses

  1. Randall

    From my understanding Android is still behind iOS in regards to latency…. that’s why most music apps are still iOS dominated. It’s changing with “kit Kat”, but still not up to par……. How about:

    Auria (hands down best DAW – can import and export from Pro Tools and has real deal plugins)
    Peterson iStrobosoft (a real tuner made by the leader in tuners)
    SPL Pro
    TapTheBest (find BPM easily)
    Voice Synth
    Loopy HD
    NeoSoul Keys (want a Rhodes?)
    Try the above on your iPad or iPHone…


  2. bil bryant

    Missing the awesome online music creator Soundation Studio.