The 20 Most Influential Music Blogs…

We often discuss which bands are getting the most online buzz, like in the 50 most blogged artists list. But who is talking about these bands and creating the buzz?

Enter this list of the most influential music blogs.  In fact, Style of Sound created a list of the top 100.  They included web-only sites, so none of these blogs that are associated with print magazines, newspapers, or radio stations. I’ve included the top 20 here so you can see who the major players are.

Their list was created using a scoring system based on post frequency, quality, SEO, social media, and Klout score.  It isn’t perfect… they excluded XLR8R because they thought it was still a print magazine, but they’ve been web-only since 2011.  They also list Tiny Mix Tapes ahead of Resident Advisor, which I’m not so sure about.

All of that aside, this will give you general knowledge of the most important music blogs. If you care, I’ve put stars next to the ones that I read regularly.


1. Pitchfork*

2. Consequence of Sound

3. Tiny Mix Tapes

4. Resident Advisor*

5. Stereogum

6. The Line of Best Fit*

7. Your EDM

8. Pop Justice

9. Dancing Astronaut

10. Drowned in Sound

11. Fake Shore Drive

12. All Hiphop

13. EDM Sauce

14. Large Hearted Boy

15. Rap Radar

16. 2 Dope Boyz

17. FACT*

18. Hypetrak

19. Indie Shuffle

20. The Wild Honey Pie

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  1. TuneHunter

    Nina, did you provide this list with hope to get rid of me?

    Than, you are not a blog.

  2. hippydog

    wow.. i only have heard of two of those..
    looking at some of them, I now know why..
    they kinda look the same.. Word press copies of each other..

      • yaaaassss

        Fake Shore #11 is Chicago/Mid West Rap Centric… since The hottest unsigned rapper (Chance) and arguably the hottest rapper period (Kanye) are from the chi.. It seems to be at the forefront of it all.

    • Nina Ulloa

      That’s being said, most of these are pretty specialized and have carved out their own niche. Yeah, they’re almost all wordpress blogs… But hey, even DMN has a similar layout to most of these.

      There is crossover, but most have quality content

  3. Truth

    No Deli Mag or My Social List – but Dingus? I question your “grading” system . . . .

    • Nina Ulloa

      Pretty sure Deli Mag is print / radio associated. Which, as explicitly stated, wasn’t included.

      &. Dingus is actually a really good blog, you should read it.

  4. Michael

    Personally I just go with, enough good selection, good tastes. I just don’t like to be overhelmed with too much shit.

  5. Dave Buerger

    Oh Joy! Another list of blogs we can hit up with music spam!

  6. Jason

    What about Exposed Vocals? They’ve been generating buzz for unsigned artists and bands for a while now. I can’t imagine why this platform wouldn’t make this list? Good stuff though! Thanks for sharing

  7. Marc

    Why isnt the DreadMusicReview on this list??? that Makes me question this….

      • Keith Cornish

        I want to mention only one name and that is Eva Simon:P… She is a dutch vocalist and a famous singer. She has performed well in Richard’s music album and that is “Heartbeat”. This is the best among all videos:). I have seen this video on my friend’s laptop. here’s the link i have shared with you all:

  8. rikki

    Still looking for new music not from wussies….any help here?

  9. PunkSoda

    GorillaVsBear. NeedleDrop. BrooklynVegan. HypeMachine. YoursTruly.

  10. Dan Smith

    Big industry news coming soon – this project with Ginny Vee is going to be majorly exciting.

  11. maya

    Great article!
    Would you happen to know which of these blogs are based in Cali?

    • Nina Ulloa

      not sure, but Yours Truly is based in Cali and they should be on this list

  12. Alex

    lift me up by Lord reptar listen to it on spotify itunes or wherever you want!

  13. PirateGang Radio

    Jae’zus – Of The Essence [Music Video]

  14. JJ

    You guys are definitely missing two AMAZING music blogs
    1) Plaincut (
    2) DJbooth (

      • Gabriella

        Will let people think what they want don’t bug other people cheese!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lewis Lister

    Hi Nina, great list, I’d really appreciate it if you checked out – maybe we’ll make next year’s list!

  16. Monsieur TMS

    Can you put me on that list that you didn’t write next time round? xD


  17. John Noi

    Just a heads up that the list has been updated for the summer. Check it out on the Style of Sound website.

  18. Anna Ballantine

    My last comment didn’t stick so just commenting on what #jen said, Happy music or happy music festival as I think they are known is in my top 3 go to music blogs for sure.

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  21. Robert

    Hey, how can I get on that soundCloud thing and this music is great, It is nice to hear new sounds!


    It’s hilarious how recycled these lists are from year-to-year, plus a few ‘cool’ new blogs thrown in for good measure.

  23. Dr. Midnight

    Music blogs are like fishing reports: by the time you’ve read them, the fish have already moved on.

  24. R.P.

    and if you ask any of these blogs listed here they will all say Et Musique Pour Tous is their influential blog.

  25. Anonymous

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  27. Alasdair

    Stereogum’s definitely my favourite! Surprised Needle Drop and The 405 aren’t on here.

    Gonna shamelessly plug my music blog here: New tracks and album reviews with a pinch of humour. Hit the link or I’ll cry

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  30. James

    Very good selection of influental music blogs!
    “Your EDM” is one of the best regarding the EDM scene in my opinion.
    Pitchfork is also definitely my favorite. I love their site layout!
    I heard that is also a really good music blog for artist promotion

  31. Jeff Williams

    Good list, varied music and a valuable resource. Where would this kind of band be best served in the blog world? Any suggestions gratefully received!

  32. Claudio

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  33. david senabulya

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  49. Lazy Reporting

    Nina (aka “The Laziest Reporter”),

    This is word-for-word, the exact same article that DMN posted on March 26, 2014. Literally word-for-word…you should be embarrased

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  54. sanober

    What about Exposed Vocals? They’ve been generating buzz for unsigned artists and bands for a while now.

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  72. F.P.

    Cool list! I’m familiar with a few (Pitchfork, Stereogum, couple others) but hadn’t heard of most of ’em.

    Just took a look at Consequence of Sound, seems like a great site, thanks for the heads-up. Just set up a blog with an article on some weird & cool guitars if anyone wants to check it out:


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