Hype Machine: “Should We Release a ‘Most Influential Blogs List’ Without Showing Any Data Too?”

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I recently posted a selection from Style of Sound’s list of 100 most influential music blogs. I mentioned that I did have some issues with the list, from the exclusion of some blogs to the ranking order.

Hype Machine has some major issues with Style of Sound’s list, and have expressed their frustration on Twitter. Hype Machine is pretty much the Billboard of independent music (that’s what Chromeo called them at SXSW).









It’s worth noting that Style of Sound isn’t included in Hype Machine’s rankings. The list could be Style of Sound’s way of expressing frustration. Popjustice, who comes in at number eight on Style of Sound’s list, isn’t listed on Hype machine either. They replied to Hype Machine’s above tweets, calling them out for refusing to list them, but have since deleted their reply.


When Nina Ulloa isn’t writing for DMN she’s usually reviewing music or at a show. Her blog IS listed on Hype Machine. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

5 Responses

  1. Randall

    Why the hate mongering? We have enough of that – we need positive, good info. Not “11 reasons you are doing it wrong”, or “these people be acting bad” ……… One Love Nina

  2. Anonymous

    “When Nina Ulloa isn’t writing for DMN she’s usually reviewing music or at a show”

    I thought she worked for TorrentFreak?