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In January announced that they were launching a beta version of their radio service. This new model streamed songs straight from YouTube instead of’s servers. This version will leave beta and become permanent. 

As of April 28th subscriber radio will cease to exist, no more desktop or mobile streaming.

All users will be able to use YouTube powered radio, or stream tracks on demand through Spotify integration.

This will help the floundering by cutting licensing costs.

There will be a new subscriber option. Subscribers will be able to filter their libraries by tags and listen to them, have no banner ads, receive early access to new features, and be able to see recent visitors to their page.

I’ve been using the free version of since 2006, but I might finally become a subscriber. I go to a sizeable amount of concerts and sync my concert calendar to iCal, which is integral in keeping my schedule straight. I’m also an obsessive scrobbler, I like having data regarding my listening habits.

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5 Responses

      • john

        seeing cbs left with a flaming bag of crap here is fantastic.

  1. Casey

    It was inevitable. I have lost track how many times they have removed features from their radio service, little by little.