Fourth SXSW Drunk Driving Victim Dies…

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The damage caused by the SXSW drunk driving accident continues to grow.

One March 17th a third victim passed away from injuries sustained during the incident. Now a fourth victim has died.

The Austin Police Department tweeted the news:


The alleged perpetrator, Rashad Charjuan Owens, is facing a count of capital murder. If convicted, Owens could be given the death penalty.

11 Responses

  1. Randall

    Thanks for the helpful, positive info! You are a great reporter of negativity!

  2. Willis

    While this is a sad situation, I’m not sure how it is directly about digital music or technology or the music industry.

    • Nina Ulloa

      you’re right. people dying at SXSW has nothing to do with the music industry…

      • Willis

        It is true. Compare this story to any others in today’s email or those listed on the site. Which one stands out as different? Which one addresses pure news as opposed to issues related to music and/or tech?

    • wat

      The event is music and tech themed, it involved someone set to perform at said event and killed/injured said event goers, at least one of which worked for a digital music firm.

      • Willis

        You are correct. SXSW is an event that is music and tech related. The accident that happened during the conference is not.

  3. Randall

    Thanks fir deleting my comment. The comment was… How is this helpful to your readers? . . please provide useful info!

  4. Danwriter

    Electric Zoo’s third day was canceled last year after two deaths, as was the last day of the Future Music festival this month in Malaysia, after one person died. Both have significant economic implications for EDM as a genre and for music as an industry. Yes, it’s a valid story for a site like this.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Agreed. It’s amazing to me how furiously we’re getting ‘shouted down’ on stories about the SXSW massacre. Funny, because Nina isn’t even taking an editorial stance here, she’s just reporting the facts of a tragedy.

  5. John Simson

    How anyone can say that a major event that resulted in the deaths of four people, connected to our industry, at our preeminent music conference shouldn’t be covered here is ridiculous. For those of us who were there, this cast a pall on the entire week, and had huge impact on our industry and led to many conversations about aspects of SXSW that have grown increasingly out-of-hand over the last four or five years. And, for those of us who don’t live in Austin or aren’t connected to those who were hospitalized, DMN’s continuing coverage is much appreciated – even though the horror still continues to grow. Thank you.

  6. pfffft

    I think calling it “the SXSW massacre.” is a bit much.
    It was a terrible accident, but calling it that is a bit sensational, don’t you think?