BandPage Raises Another $9.25 Million…

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BandPage is the service that allows artists to create profiles with bios, photos, music and more. The service pushes this info out to a variety of networks, such as Tumblr, Vevo, lyrics websites, and iHeartRadio. Around 500,000 artists use BandPage.

Now BandPage has announced that they’ve raised $9.25 million in a Series C fundraising round.

This round of financing was led by GGV Capital and Mohr Davidow Ventures. Bandpage has now raised over $28 million in total.

They say they will use the funding to “to continue to expand and deepen… partnerships with the world’s largest music services and to create new and powerful sources of revenue for musicians“.


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5 Responses

  1. Willis

    Good to hear there are still companies willing to piss away investment dollars.

  2. Adam C Smith

    WHAT?…first i heard of this, and i have a page there. Haven’t uploaded anything, because i don’t trust them. Hard to trust ANY of these online folks anymore.

  3. James

    What did they do with the first $18+ Million?

    • Nina Ulloa

      probably “expand and deepen partnerships”

  4. Bob

    Classic, I agree what happened to the first $18 million? Reminds me of Topspin who blew through $20 million+ of investor dollars with literally nothing to show for it. Nothing seems novel about Bandpage and I missing something? Then they want 15% of all the sales, even on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Soundcloud, which you can post without them. Also the other links are irrelevant when it comes to traffic. Just trying to understand the value of a $27 million dollar investment.