Is LuckyPennie the Instagram for Music?

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If you’re on the hunt for one more social network to add to your list, then iOS app LuckyPennie may be your answer.

Co-founders John and Jonathan started LuckyPennie because they felt like our current social feeds and music networks are very general, showing us people and info that we don’t really care about.

Starting a new network is obviously a huge undertaking, and most of them fail.  However, I recently heard a Resident Advisor interview with Ghostly International founder Sam Valenti IV.  Valenti said he was still waiting for the Instagram for music, and I feel like this could be LuckyPennie.

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LuckyPennie is essentially a feed of content from music lovers. Concert listings, photos, music, and notes are all included in the feed.  If you want to hear full songs you have to have a Spotify or Rdio subscription, though the co-founders plan on exploring integration of other music services in the future.

Your feed is essentially one long playlist, with all songs playing in succession.  Right now, the feed is a long stream of posts from random people.  You can look up friends from Facebook, but chances are no one you know is using LuckyPennie yet.  Jonathan and John say they are working on customization features that would enable the app to learn what you like and display relevant content.  For now, you have to find people with similar taste and add them to your crew.

You can favorite songs to save them to your profile.  You can also give cred, which adds up over time, letting people see just how popular your posts are.

There is a playlists tab which features curated playlists from a variety of bands and sites.  Curators range from newcomers like Immigre to artists like Toni Braxton and Plain White T’s.  Pitchfork and the founders themselves also curated playlists.  I highly recommend Jonathan’s playlist.

LuckyPennie is doing concert ticket giveaways to build interest in the app, but this is primarily for concerts in LA.

Wondering how LuckyPennie makes money?  They do so by facilitating concert ticket and music purchases.  When someone clicks through and makes a purchase, Lucky Pennie get a cut.

So is this the next gigantic thing?  LuckyPennie desperately needs the upcoming customization features. Once that happens, it could take off.

When Nina Ulloa isn’t writing for DMN she’s usually reviewing music or at a show. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

12 Responses

  1. Jagger

    So you think luckypennie is the Instagram
    Of music?

    • Fab

      It’s hard to become the Insta of anything, but I def think it could be just as big.

    • Fab

      I’d hard to become the Insta of anything, but I could def see it becoming just as big.

  2. Major Client Manager

    Sorry Nina, You’re wrong. Instagram is the Instagram for music.

    • Nina Ulloa

      please back up your thesis with at least two supporting points

  3. Punk_Bunny

    This is a great idea, I’d love to have a look! Shame you can’t download for android…

  4. Anonymous

    This already exists and its called soundtracking