YouTube Pressures DMN to Remove Information About Their Upcoming Streaming Service

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This isn’t the first time that YouTube has exerted pressure on Digital Music News to erase information about their service.

Last time, YouTube demanded that ONErpm remove this post about YouTube payouts (which we of course refused).

This time, YouTube is demanding that Digital Music News erase information about a possible presentation of their upcoming service at MIDEM, which happened in February (of course, we’re refusing to remove this comment as well).

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The comment appeared in this article about YouTube’s future, written by Ari Herstand.

Just like before, YouTube demanded the removal through the author, JTV Digital CEO Jeremie Varengo (also a frequent DMN contributor).  That demand may have been laced with threats: last time, YouTube promised serious repercussions against digital distributor ONErpm if their guest post on YouTube monetization wasn’t retracted.

We’ve asked YouTube to contact us directly if they have a problem; we’re yet to hear anything from them.

Written while listening to Schoolboy Q.

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    You’d think Google employees would have heard of the Streisand effect.

    • TuneHunter

      Paul, I am honestly concerned on your behalf!

      Google is absolutely brilliant and the best in many zones but if you become their target for just “wrong breath” they are just Robot with no logic!

      Whoever runs their legal department is ruthless and arrogant human with no emotions.

      On the positive note if they convert from RELIGION of PPCs to fair and profitable for all RELIGION of
      PPTs (pay per tune) YT will become 50 billion dollar hub of 100 billion dollar industry before 2020.

      Discovery Moment Monetization will do just that.

      • Hoodgrown

        The problem with big business is that they think they can bully the little. Too often they do due to sheer amount of resources they command. I’m glad you brought this into the light exposing them instead of just bowing down to their wishes.

        While I’m not sure of the repercussions for some an action, I do applaud the stance. Hell, if no one stands up to these assholes… we all lose.

        Google you have way to much to do than to spend your time threatening blogs. What was all that bullshit about not “being evil”?

    • visitor

      don’t panic, it’s much worse than you think… youtube is an “at scale” ad rev platform, imagine if every song and album on spotify was being delivered to youtube… by the labels… cashcow or instant death?

      • TuneHunter

        All the goods are delivered! Check Vevo on YouTube – very few recent revenue news.
        Cash cow? Never! Just good enough to keep Titanic afloat in good mood on board.

        The problem they have and do not see is end of the music as a merchandise – no iTunes, no Amazon simply no MUSIC FOR SALE.

        Subscriptions and advertising on FM Radio in place for over half a century were always nice source of secondary income with no cancerous properties to music as a merchandise.


  2. Anonymous

    “If You Have Something You Don’t Want Anyone To Know, Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Doing It”

    Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

  3. hippydog

    I thought this was an april fools joke..
    but 3 of them?

  4. hippydog

    OK.. I guess this wasnt an April 1 joke 🙁

    which is scary and sad at the same time..
    I take it Google either has someone who works for them reading DMN
    they have a search set up that scours the net looking for anyone mentioning Google..

    The scary part is how fast they jumped on it.. From the time the comment was published to them threatening JTV, to him contacting Paul, pretty much means they were trying to suppress the info