Young Man Found Dead After Ultra Music Festival…

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Miami mayor Thomas Regalado wanted Ultra out of his city because someone was trampled.  So what is he going to say now that someone has died?

Adonis Pena Escoto was found dead after Ultra Music Festival.  He was 21 years old.

He had been feeling lightheaded, so his friends escorted him to the car and went back to the festival.  He appears to have died in the car after his friends left.

The autopsy has not yet been completed, and the toxicology report will “probably take a few months,” according to Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa.

Sounds like a familiar story, though Adonis’ family told NBC Miami that he was not into drugs.   That statement is inconclusive, of course, since drugs are not the type of information people typically bring up at the dinner table.

The tragic development makes Mayor Regalado’s statement ring truer than ever:

We understand that this brings a lot of name recognition and money to the City of Miami, but the most important thing is quality of life“.

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11 Responses

  1. Henry Chatfield

    It’s terribly sad that these things are happening. Unfortunately, I don’t know if just relocating the festival will necessarily change the problem.

    I can’t comment on the truthfulness of this article, but if it is true, it is an interesting read regarding the complexity of the role drugs play in the EDM culture — particularly at festivals.

  2. hippydog

    I have two issues with this..
    1.) when did mob mentality make people not responsible for their actions?
    yes, the organizers are partially responsible for not having the proper security in place..
    But the idiots who knocked down a fence to gain entrance and hurt people (the security guard) broke the law on purpose, and should be held equally responsible..
    The trampling (is that a word?) was NOT caused by an emergency situation where people were trying to get out.. it was caused by people trying to get IN..

    2.) personal responsibility.. when did that stop happening?
    If someone takes drugs, and they die, is it not the fault of the person who took the drug?

    devils advocate:
    ok.. lets pretend the guy didnt die from drugs.. and lets ignore the fact it happened in the parking lot (where his friends left him)

    When you have THAT MANY PEOPLE in one place (over a 1/4 of million over the weekend), this is the size of large city..

    Statistically speaking, with that many people

    A sad way to look at the world I know..
    but sometimes we have to accept reality..
    Removing the rights and freedoms of the many, to protect the few is NOT a world I world I want to live in..

    • hippydog

      i guess I should have said I have three issues? LOL..
      Damn i wish we could edit our posts 😉

      • Nina Ulloa

        Not saying we should be cancelling music festivals, but Ultra is kind of out of control

  3. GGG

    Why stop going backwards to find blame at the festival promoters? The music is causing these people to go and do drugs. It’s the musicians! Or wait, it’s their parents! Or maybe the companies that create turntables and software! They probably mostly use Macs, so it’s Apples fault this kid died! The inventors of computers and microchips and processing are to blame! Why is Miami even a city, fuck the settlers, the caused all this!

  4. Thedenmaster

    What about leaving him in a car when he needed medical attention? Those friends must feel pretty bad.
    When someone is ailing, seek medical attention. This is the real issue. Poor parents.

    • Thedenmaster

      I meant I feel bad for the parents. It’s tragic.

  5. JR

    To understand what is really going on, you need to follow the money.
    People die during Nascar and other major sporting events. In fact there are regularly mini crime sprees around the major events like championships. EDM events require special permits and those are subject to renegotiation at any time.
    When a tragedy occurs this is merely a pretense to raise fees, require more off and on duty police and greater fees all around. The promoters who do not have the clout of the major sports franchises then pay up.
    This is more about money than concern for quality of life. EDM is making more money than ever and the locals want their share. Sad and true.

  6. soniquarium muzika

    What has happen to “Personal Responsibility”? 99% of the Music industry are Progressive Idiots as is the City of Miami. Victim mentality. You clowns who want to blame ULTRA are pathetic. So, blame ROCK and ROLL for Devil Worshiping? So, blame everyone but the Kid who died huh? Verdict is not yet in, so nodody knows if the kid died from drugs. It’s sad that he died at a young age, but to blame ULTRA? Fools, idiots the whole bunch of you. Nobody Forced Drugs down the throats of ULTRA fans. This type of drivel causes ‘XTC ACTS” and Laws to be passed to prohibit events. So, let’s just shut down all “EDM” clubs and Events because they cause “Death”.

    Let’s ban all Car’s too, because a lot more people die in Auto Accidents than “Festivals”.

    F’n twats.

  7. LOL EDM

    DJ presses play on his iTunes playlist = live EDM performance