BandMerch Picks at the Topspin Carcass…

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In March of 2014, Beats Music acquired the struggling Topspin Media.  Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers was previously CEO of Topspin.

Beats was interested in using Topspin’s technology in their own music service, with the goal of enabling artists to sell merch on their Beats profiles.

This means there was no one to continue operating the Topspin Platform, the sales and marketing platform for musicians, filmmakers, labels, and distributors.

Now, Topspin has found someone to keep running the platform:

Topspin has announced that BandMerch has acquired the TopSpin Platform.

Cinder Block and BandMerch merged earlier this year; collectively they provide artist merchandise services.  The group, which claims to be the largest ‘independent music merchandising company,’ is owned by Transom Capital Group and AEG Live.

Topspin Platform will join both companies at BandMerch’s Burbank offices.

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2 Responses

  1. Willis

    Sure glad I broke this story the other day. TopSpin is a pile.

  2. Ronald McDonald

    Cool. Because struggling musicians really want a private equity firm owning their online tools.