Skrillex Launches Another Record Label. This Time, All the Releases Are Free…

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Skrillex has launched a free-release label called Nest.

The label is housed on Nest HQ, the Skrillex-owned culture blog and tastemaker website.  Nest operates independently from Skrillex’s OWSLA label. (No relation to this…)

Skrillex said:

The concept of Nest HQ is simple really.  It is a transparent vantage point into this  culture that we all share and have created together.  This culture doesn’t have a genre.  It doesn’t have a specific name, but its origins began with a global network of like-minded people who love to share their passions for music and art.  Nest HQ is a window into this culture…  We really want to show and SHARE the passions we have for stuff that we like and that just makes us feel good.

The first release is AC Slater’s Back to the Floor EP, which is up for free download now. (I highly recommend the EP for those who are into bass-driven club music).

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I fully support those who use their platforms to spread the word and support rising artists, but here’s something to think about… Nick Thayer said the non-free OWSLA release of his Like Boom EP actually ended up costing him money to release.

When Nina Ulloa isn’t writing for DMN she’s usually reviewing music or at a show. Follow her on Twitter.

6 Responses

      • Nina Ulloa

        Dunno what you’re talking about, I’m so down with that release.

  1. Minneapolis Musician

    Nice for the Skrillmeister. He’s financially set for life.

    • Danwriter

      Exactly. Needs to put a Johnny Knoxville disclaimer out in front: “Don’t try this if your net worth is less than $2 million.”

  2. constantine

    I hope you see this Skrillex. Constantine – Hello check it out on YouTube