Spanish Court Says “P2P Technology Doesn’t Promote Exploitation”…

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With music sales down, everyone is quick to point their finger at “illicit” P2P file sharing services. Well, the Madrid Court of Appeals doesn’t think P2P technology is all that illicit.

Back in 2008, Universal, Sony, EMI, Warner, and Productores de Música de España (the Spanish RIAA) joined forces and sued MP2P Technologies for the equivalent of $18 million. MP2P was founded by Pablo Soto and is the company behind Blubster, a site similar to the old Napster.

These labels said Soto created the software to promote piracy, a move that created unfair and illegal competition. In 2011, the court decided that Blubster was neutral software, saying it was just a tool for sharing files.

The labels appealed the decision. Now, several years later, the decision from this appeal has been released.

The court of appeals basically said “offering advanced P2P technology doesn’t automatically encourage exploitative acts nor does it promote an unfair advantage”.

The court also said Soto “didn’t have any control over users’ actions by giving them the tools, as he wasn’t a mediator between the user and the service”.

If you can read the Spanish, Diario Turing has posted the court’s ruling online:


Sentencia favorable a Pablo Soto


An updated version of Blubster has subsequently been released.


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Like the nutcases who say guns don’t kill people.

    And guess what: They do.

    • Wilis

      Actually, bullets kill people. Guns are just the vehicle.

      P2P isn’t the bad guy in this. It is the people who make a choice to use P2P illegally.

      • PiratesWinLOL

        The bad guy, if there is any, is an old fat industry which didn’t respond to consumers demand for modern distribution in a timely fashion. Instead they choose to waste a lot of money on frivolous lawsuits like this one. However, now there is a proven solution to the piracy problem. The solution is Spotify.

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Yeah, just like knifes, cars, axes, airplanes and alcohol. The solution is clearly to make it all illegal.