RIAA and the Major Labels Sue Megaupload…

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Earlier this week the Motion Picture Association of America sued Megaupload for “massive copyright infringement”. On April 10th, 2014 the Recording Industry Association of America filed a similar lawsuit on behalf of Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group.

The RIAA says Kim Dotcom, Megaupload CTO /co-founder Mathias Ortmann, majority shareholder Vestor Limited, and head programmer Bram van der Kolk willfully engaged in, actively encouraged, and handsomely profited from massive copyright infringement of music on the Megaupload service“.

They also say Megaupload made $175 million in illegal profits while costing the music industry half a billion dollars.

Ira Rothken, Kim Dotcom’s attorney, told Ars Technica:

“…Megaupload used copyright neutral technology and whatever allegations they can make against Megaupload they can make against YouTube, Dropbox, and others.”

A Spanish court recently ruled that ”offering advanced P2P technology doesn’t automatically encourage exploitative acts nor does it promote an unfair advantage”. But this isn’t Spain… The U.S. shut down Megaupload in 2012 for copyright infringement. Kim Dotcom is currently fighting extradition to the United States.

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    When Nina Ulloa isn’t spreading pirate propaganda she’s usually reading TorrentFreak, TechDirt and ArsTechnica. Follow her on Twitter. Or not.

    • Nina Ulloa

      actually i do read techdirt.

      why you mad about techdirt

  2. TuneHunter

    Why not Google?
    One billion dollar payout for dispensing of 10 billion dollars of music sounds like fraud .

  3. Anonymous

    On a positive note here why does this Kim Dot come et al make money operating these free loading sites they make money but the artists who paid money to register the intellectual rights are trashed — why should the politicians be paid?

    Sooner or later the public hostility toward artists will break the good will…

    • Nina Ulloa

      exactly, the labels and politicians don’t want to make money for artists… they want money for themselves

    • Dean Hajas

      My Song Creation of “Slave for You” was infringed by SONY BMG ZOMBA over 89 million times….

      The public have stolen and dispersed our Intellectual Properties with disregard and malice. This then spilled over to the Movie Industry and of course software industry. Today’s generational thinking is very short sighted. Remember what you teach your children is ultimately your responsibility, as they will harvest from the lack of your efforts to teach that theft by any other name is illegal. We all need to “grease the wheel”….in every industry, from Pot Smokers, to coffee connoisseurs.. we all are responsible for each other. Think about your own future when stealing our property, and how this will ultimately affect your children’s future!

  4. Ethan Sackfield

    “…Megaupload used copyright neutral technology and whatever allegations they can make against Megaupload they can make against YouTube, Dropbox, and others.”

    We are making these allegations against all “copyright neutral technology.”

    Stop exploiting artists rights for your benefit!

    • Nina Ulloa

      soooo the major labels / government are taking down google & dropbox??

      • Anonymous

        “soooo the major labels / government are taking down google”

        Great idea — lawsuits are the only way to communicate with Google!

        But don’t turn this into a war between Big Evil Labels and poor little Google. Google’s industrialized DMCA abuse hurts all musicians, whether they’re signed or not.

        And MegaUpload’s attorney almost got it right: Google Search is the leading portal to organized copyright crime today and should be treated like MegaUpload. And don’t think it won’t happen. Viacom did sue YouTube — which forced Google to invent ContentID — and Google Search is a much larger problem to individual artists and the creative industries than YouTube ever was.

  5. TJR

    It’s so hard to believe that this crook has been allowed to go on for this long. Let’s hope they nail him to the wall.

    “Copyright is not Broken….What’s broken is enforcement”.