Ryushare Operators Arrested for Distributing Porn…


Ryushare is the latest file-sharing site to face legal troubles.  The popular service is now offline, but that’s just the beginning.

Now Vietnamese police have arrested four people connected to the operation of Ryushare.

Police also seized two cars, three laptops, and five accounts which held around $355,500.

Vietnamese officials are saying that Ryushare was shut down because it distributed “immoral cultural products” (porn), and made large profits.  These profits supposedly totalled around $6.25 million.

Police say that Ryushare was using over 500 overseas servers.


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    Damn! Another shut down file host… who’s next?
    Their VIP was cheap tho

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      ryushare.tv is still working! not all members arrested! please support them!

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    Hey, just let you guys know that I also download SOFTWARE in there. It’s a HOSTING SITE like Mediafire !!! WTF is wrong with them ??? How about my premium account ????


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