Kim Dotcom is Getting His Luxury Car Collection Back…

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Are the tables starting to turn? It’s only been days since the MPAA and the RIAA sued Kim Dotcom and Megaupload. Now it looks like Dotcom will be getting his seized property back.

New Zealand’s High Court ruled that police have to give back property seized from Kim Dotcom and his wife in the 2012 raid on their mansion.

Under a foreign restraining order, police took a large luxury car collection, millions in cash, and other assets.

This foreign restraining order made by the United States is about to run out. The High Court at Auckland denied a request to extend the order. The State has two weeks to appeal.

If Kim Dotcom gets his assets back he says he will rent an entire racetrack for a day for members of his Internet Party, which is in the process of becoming a registered political party. Dotcom recently threw a mansion picnic for registered Internet Party members.

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3 Responses

  1. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    I’m just an American slave–not even privy to my seized properties back like the rest of the free world. . .The guy lives in a country where the government recognize the liberty of it’s people and countryman. . .LX

    • Anonymous

      So when will his victims get their property back?