iTunes Radio Hints at Global Expansion…

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Streaming services continue to take heat from all kinds of musicians, but that isn’t slowing Apple down.  In fact, it looks like Apple is getting ready to take iTunes Radio global.  The service is currently limited to the United States and Australia.

The head of marketing at media agency OMD UK tweeted that someone from Apple iAd in London came in to discuss iTunes Radio:


Apple also recently kicked UK-based streaming music company off their iAd network, because Bloom is a “competing service”.

The expansion doesn’t stop there.  AppleInsider is now reporting that iTunes Radio is currently available in Ecuador on Apple desktops.  It’s not available on other platforms, which could mean that Apple is testing out the service.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Oh good, so even more people will have the opportunity not to use it.

  2. TuneHunter

    We are witnessing big fish in desperate fight for survival in $15 billion mud puddle.

    Like chameleon changing the skin in hope for survival in hopeless environment!

  3. Anon

    From what I’ve heard, the labels aren’t happy with their rates in the US. Combine that with the general lack of interest in the service from a user perspective and labels are hesitant to sign deals in other countries.

    • Anonymous

      We need on small step back and start happy for all but freeloaders NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY.

      There is 100 billion dollars of music out there and our monetization engines can crank just that by 2020.

      Old dogs, new fashionable business nerds all destine to bask in total happiness – THERE IS NO LOSERS in discovery moment monetization.

  4. tippysdemise

    They need this badly, to beat Pandora to the international punch and start putting roots down. Pandora is already too entrenched in the US to be touched.

    • TuneHunter

      Pandora should drive the switch to discovery moment monetization.
      Just US operation can convert at once to 5 billion dollar music store.

  5. Versus

    First Apple completely devalued music in order to profit in iPod / iPhone sales, now Apple tries to profit again from music’s “value”.