Lady Gaga Struggling to Fill Seats On Her Upcoming Tour…

Want to see Lady Gaga perform live at her upcoming tour?  Then go buy a ticket, right in front of the stage.

Blue = seats available.


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Washington, DC.

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65 Responses

  1. Blade

    First of all, turn the “resale” button off.
    Second, this is absolutely pathetic. If you zoom in and use the interactive map, you’ll see that there’s only a few seats left in a lot of those shaded sections.
    And it’s quite funny how you only show those particular shows.
    She’s sold out in plenty of cities and countries already like Uncasville, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Edmonton, San Jose, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, London (x2), Paris (x2), Stockholm, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Barcelona…should I even continue?

    As for the StubHub tickets, how is this supposed to prove anything about how the tour is selling? You’ll find just as many tickets being sold on StubHub for other acts like Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake. Try harder next time!

    • Vail, CO

      These should ALL be sold out and the fact that they’re not is a big warning. Yeah she’ll fill these like the Rolling Stones did, but the Gaga train is running out of steam. Gaga ain’t Madonna, U2, ACDC or any of the old rockers.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        I’m just throwing this out there, really. Sure, LA and other cities have sold out, but… not sure if the Gaga sizzle is quite there this time (and it definitely isn’t anything sizzling on the album side).

        But maybe there’s smoke…

        • hjkl

          they’re not even mentioning her theatre dates in france. not a concert hall or an arena. a small theatre. “wow she sold out in paris”. um yeah, a few thousand dates..

          check her ticket “sales” in australia and belgium as well. it’s a disaster. there are no second dates for her small arena shows anywhere except for the UK, but when you do your research you’ll quickly see that there are thousands of tickets available for the UK dates on secondary markets. so we’ll see how much she *really* sold in england later..

          • Luc

            The Stade de France is closed in Winter/late Autumn, so Gaga could not perform there. The Bercy arena, the only big/medium-sized arena in Paris, is closed for rennovation for all of 2014 and most of 2015, except for November 2014, in which it’s already being used for basically every date. That’s the reason for Gaga’s theater shows in Paris. 7000 capacity isn’t a small theater by the way: 7000 could actually be considered a small arena or a huge theater.

            We can’t check her ticket sales for Belgium or Australia, because nobody except for Livenation can see the ticket sales when there’s no seating map.

          • Flopga

            Then why only 2 nights at le Zenith, mon chéri ? Hum ? They are not even sold out.^^ Local singer Patrick Bruel is playing there right before Gaga for 4 nights and they are sold out. OUCH !
            Bercy is re-opening 2 weeks after Gaga’s stay in Paris and they asked Kylie to be the first to perform there not Gaga and you know why ? Because people either don’t care or HATE her. 🙂

            Bye bye mon chéri 🙂

          • Maxime

            Paris shows have been sold-out in 1 minute darling.
            If they don’t add new shows, it’s because there is not a bigger gap between UK dates and the austrian show on November 2nd and that Live Nation doesn’t want to add more dates, that’s all.
            When Gaga is coming to France, Bercy will be closed for a tennis tournament.
            Bye, bye honey.

        • Angela Cheng

          Queen of Arenas and Festivals..named Lady GaGa…. 😆

    • Common Sense

      I know, how is having a few thousand tickets left from 15k arenas bad? But some minds are really not bright and this “article” proves it.

    • Lol

      Madonna fans are always like, “Little Monsters are so defensive,” yet all you’re doing is quite literally stating facts and they’re the ones getting upset.

    • Emz

      Blade is absolutely right. You only need to take a few minutes to check yourself to see that the majority of tickets have already been sold. If you turn off resale and zoom in, those shaded areas only show about 5-10 seats left on average. And again, as Blade mentioned, she’s already sold out in a number of venues. The author is deliberately spreading misinformation.

  2. Brain

    Lol well this is bad, I mean no one and I mean NO cares about her anymore. I have seen her live and never again will I waste my money

    • Nina Ulloa

      I care about her. I’ve seen her live and would see her again if floor tickets weren’t $200, that’s just outrageous.


    This is probably her last tour. The last had dates cancelled, dates rescheduled in smaller venues and many many empty seats in south america…this time the venues are smaller and there are less dates but she can’t sell them. Australia is for example completly over her. She’s like a boy’s band, her sell by date is long overdue.

    • Luc

      Dear “flopga”,

      You are wrong.
      Gaga’s making SO much money, and Gaga would still be making millions performing in small theaters. So that’s no problem for her: she’s built such a loyal (and rich) fanbase, that she doesn’t ever have to worry about not making enough money. That’s what Livenation does, if they’re about to lose money from a date, they cancel it. That’s why for example Madonna cancelled her Slovenian date for the Sticky and Sweet Tour, which had only sold 8000 out of the 62000 tickets.

      Gaga has recently announced stadium dates in South Korea, Japan, Greece and in the upcoming weeks will be announcing a stadium date in Turkey and Israel. No worries about Gaga’s tour, it’s doing fine.

      She indeed didn’t sell out most stadiums in Latin America, but after all, they’re stadiums. She could’ve filled more than 2 arenas in the places where her stadium was 60% full. That’s quite a lot, and nobody would’ve even dared to mention Gaga’s ‘floppage’.

      In the end, Gaga will probably end up grossing over 100 million dollars from this tour, which is far from bad or disastrous.

      • LOL

        just LoL …you can find all the excuses you want…people is getting tired of her

      • Not long to go - over!

        Madonna EXTENDED her Sticky and Sweet tour in 2008! You people are trying to defend someone who is on their way out. She’s had her time, people no longer are interested, it happens.

        The album is a flop, the tour isn’t selling. Even the smaller venues that she’s opted for this time round aren’t selling. The “stage” thankfully is taking up masses of floor space, which has worked in her favour otherwise you would get more empty space on the flooring section.

      • Flopga

        Dear LUC,
        spelt backwards in french your name is CUL which means ASS. I rest my case.

        PS : I picture you pulling your hair and pissing on the floor while reading how the world HATES or does not give a shit anymore about your “queen”. It’s very entertaining. Hope the date you’ll attend won’t be cancelled. Bye.

      • Jack

        Madonna herself cancelled that gig due to rows with promoters and issues with regard to safety at the venue, NOT because of sales! How else did it become the second biggest tour of all time?! Lie all you want, GaGa is over! Flop!

      • madonnamaniac

        You must be kidding.She’s doing fine?Ah!So delusional #COMINGSOONTOAPARKINGLOTNEARYOU

      • Rayof Light

        Hmmmm…..Gaga isn’t making tons of money, she herself said how she had to consider brankruptcy not too long ago, plus payouts for lawsuits, her management and the cancellation of “Born this way Ball” and the “Arptpop” disaster…Let’s just say the “GAGA” brand has been hemorrhaging money for at least 2 years..And yes, someone had to pay for the Art Rave disaster, the Kloons artwork, the flying dress and all the other nonsense. and according to Interscope it wasn’t them…This is a make or break time for GAGA, and is not looking good…LiveNation defended this tour saying Gaga was poised to make 26 million from the US date alone, but the MDNA tour grossed 90 million in the US last time Madonna was on tour….just saying 🙂

  4. mdti

    I have a couple of her CD, but definitely don’t want to go see her getting thrown up by some sexy skinny bitch on stage. Next time may be, when it smells less like crap.

  5. machie

    But there’s still standing and seating tickets for sale for all London shows and the 2 Paris shows are a total of not even 13.000 tickets… that’s not much for a country like France

    The saddest story is in Belgium, where her 2 born this way ball concerts sold out in minutes… This time so far only the cheapest upper trier standing tickets (first floor and second floor) have been sold out… and the artpop zone
    It’s the opening date of the tour in Europe….

    this one might be canceled, or they will give free tickets away at the entrance and at all parties in antwerp and brussels like they did with Madonna’s last tour… (And Prince) – although they played of course stadiums

    • mdti

      the music she makes is made with digital equipment 8-o

    • mdti

      and with most pictures heavily photoshopped, the lady is quite digital too…

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Where have you been? The title ‘Digital Music News’ is now redundant! Everything in the music industry touches digital in some way. Even vinyl comes with digital companion copies.

      And if it doesn’t touch digital in some way, well… not sure it’s touching many people.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you’re saying that DMN is turning into a general purpose music-related magazine that covers whatever it is that you happen to feel like covering at any given moment. In which case, the name isn’t so much redundant as misleading, and the content not so much of value to folks actually working in the music industry as fodder for comment section wrangling. I used to read pretty closely, but these days, what with the growing number of neophyte-performer-oriented listicles and random subjects (like this one), I’m barely skimming – and even that’s not having much of a payoff. Too bad.

  6. Nissl

    Turn off resale and zoom in and it looks more encouraging. Only a few hundred tickets left, albeit some floors are still available in Detroit (the date I checked)… for $235, with no seats. Heck the lower levels are generally in the $200-450 range. That’s nuts. I’m used to paying in the $60-$100 range for decent seats at an arena show. Albeit I tend to see acts that are very vocal about not gouging their fans, and have maintained 20+ year arena careers long after the general population moved on as a result.

    Anyway, the general public isn’t as interested in the latest album, but she seems to have built a very sizable hardcore base that will sustain her for a while.

  7. Igor

    I’m not particularly a Gaga fan, but this story smells of bashing. She’s not selling out shows as fast as she did before, okay, but still not doing too shabby. At least you didn’t rehash the story that 1,000 people will lose their job at Universal because her album didn’t sell enough.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      It’s interesting how defensive many of the comments are. I have no idea who posted them, though in reality this is a pretty simple story. It doesn’t suggest that Lady Gaga isn’t making money, just that she hasn’t filled many of the venues.

      • Lol

        How is filling all but, according to you, four not “filling many venues”? I think 61 out of 65 is pretty many.

  8. artflopkilledflogascareer

    Oh well some little monsters called this ‘bashing’. They just can’t accept the truth that she’s going downhill. Who needs money when no one likes you anymore?

  9. Blade

    “But there’s still standing and seating tickets for sale for all London shows”

    Yeah, they were all sold out until they added new tickets because of the tour stage.

    Can’t wait for the tour to start so we can get pics of those PACKED arenas while you worthless fools keep living your sad lives hating on an artist who doesn’t even know you exist.

    • Not longtogo-over

      There aren’t going to be packed arenas. She’s downs called the tour massively to small arenas and still it’s not selling. Give up the ghost. Gaga is over, she’s had her time. She’ll end up cancelling some dates due to infection in her tooth or someone medical emergency.

    • madonnamaniac

      Packed arenas?You mean packed parking lots

  10. Niaz

    You worthless rat. Gaga is still richer and more powerful than your poor-AIDS-infected-unwanted asshole will ever be so YOU of all people trying to “end” her and “expose” her is just truly pathetic. Funny how she is OVER and irrelevant yet you felt it was important to point out how bad she is doing (according to your dead brain cells that is). How about you find a new hobby and stop being obsessed over The Queen? or if your rejected ass is still gonna write about her then talk about the huge festivals she’s gonna headline in Canada and South Korea. Or the sold out stadium show in Japan which caused a second date to be added

    and I’m just LMAO’ing at you inbreds attempting to drag Gaga with usernames like “artflop” and “flopga” like I know y’all brain damaged dogs aren’t very smart but a little creativity with your “drags” wouldn’t hurt

    • Not longtogo-over

      Your comments disgust me. How you can speak about AIDS in such a way, you should be ashamed.

    • Lady Unoriginal

      The Queen would atleast have the same amount of hits as other contemporary <- cough lol *artists*

    • minx

      Good to see the successful graduates of gaga’s Born this way (anti)bullying foundation…

  11. yusolame

    lady ga ga is so cool stop picking on her she cant help it if she doesnt have genitals like barby & she has to wear a prosthetic penile extensionater muhaha

  12. KOKO




  13. Not long+to+go+-+over

    Madonna EXTENDED her Sticky and Sweet tour in 2008! You people are trying to defend someone who is on their way out. She’s had her time, people no longer are interested, it happens.

    The album is a flop, the tour isn’t selling. Even the smaller venues that she’s opted for this time round aren’t selling. The “stage” thankfully is taking up masses of floor space, which has worked in her favour otherwise you would get more empty space on the flooring section.

  14. gaga's stanky crotch

    It’s very simple, Create a terrible album= nobody cares. This is the weakest pop album of 2013 and artists like gaga cannot afford to have a flop album. Honestly having more creative control has been the dumbest idea gaga has made thus far, but sadly it will cost her everything.

  15. Lady Germagornorhea

    Go die Gaga…..take your rotten dead meat dress with you.

  16. Lol

    I was going to mention the fact that if you zoom in, you’ll see only a few seats are left for each section, but someone already did. And Stubhub is a reseller, meaning those tickets were already bought, meaning money in Gaga’s pocket.

    You pick four dates out of the 60+ she’s doing, including stadiums in Japan, one date of which is already sold out, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, and Dubai. Sounds a lil’ biased.

    • madonnamaniac

      Hmm,i Live in Athens,Greece and still the ticket sales are poor.Madonna sold 77.000 tickets in just 10 hours.It was a crazy thing to do.She booked the Olympic Stadium.Delusional

  17. John

    Well I have two VIP tickets for early entry flor seats that cost me $600 in Atlanta and I can’t give them away. So regarding the hype, GAGA is NOT selling out Atlanta, not even close.

    Ticketmaster made it seem like Gaga shows were sold out minutes after you login within seconds of the tickets becoming avoidable. Bull! Gaga is a bust here and if she sells 10,000 of the 17,000 plus at Philips arena it will be filler seats they give away on the street.

    I love her but got taken for my seat prices and won’t be here due to business. I had insurance but business trips aren’t covered.

    How can over 100’s of floor tickets still
    Be available 4 days before her concert?

    The hype is right: not selling out at all

  18. Latin Boy

    The ‘Gaga thing’ has been scaled down, there is no doubt about it. The whole Artpop project was a damage limitation excercise. She failed to sell the previous tour, and it’s tours that make big bucks, till it was pulled. Again, the album was sold at a discount on week one (and I think it’s in the Guinness Book of Records as the most discounted album ever). No matter how many times her fans replay her songs on YouTube, there just aren’t enough monsters to fill arenas and small venues. The general confrontational attitude (violent? Aggressive?) of her fan base has drawn new fans away. The fact that all she talks about is how she is owed adoration (for no apparent reason) and that she has cornered herself in a cupboard of extremes with no meaning, making her publicity stunts more akin to jokes and her figure more akin to that of the Clown of Pop, followed by failure to attract viewers on TV etc, show that her dimension is now that of a B Lister. It’s as clear as daylight.

  19. Well well

    According to the just released Billboard Boxscore, every show thus far has been sold out. So much for this “article”. Miley Cyrus has plenty of unsold seats and she’s supposedly at the peak of her fame so why don’t Madonna fans pick on her? I wish Madonna fans would stop their pathological obsession with Gaga. I know they’re forever haunted by Gaga being the first female singer to approach Madonna’s level of fame. They all say she’s “over” now yet they won’t stop descending on EVERY SINGLE GAGA ARTICLE that has a comments section. The obsession betrays how much they still worry that Gaga will come back again. I don’t care about Madonna and don’t bother clicking on articles about her. Could Madonna’s fans do Gaga fans the same courtesy?

  20. Shazstar22

    They have stopped playing her music on the radio in our country 🙁