Apple Is Integrating Shazam Right into iOS…

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As Apple looks toward a global expansion of iTunes Radio, they’re also working on updating iOS software to integrate music discovery.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on integrating Shazam right into iOS. Other services that are natively incorporated into iOS are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo.

According to multiple sources, the feature will be available in an upcoming update.  As part of the integration, users would be able to ask Siri what song is playing.  Siri would then use Shazam’s technology to identify the song.

Both Shazam and Apple declined to comment on this partnership.

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    • Tune Hunter

      You’re correct, It is disturbing!
      Industrial nerd getting married with wounded and misguided shark for no particular benefit to anyone – especially musicians and music industry.

    • Tune Hunter

      Paul, get me in contact with Oprah and her hi flight music friends – it is the only hopeful route.

      Congress is cooking right now. Let’s urgently add some ingredients in to the sup!